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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on August 18, 2009
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It is important to Ping, to get your blog noticed on the Internet if you want to get the most out of your blogging efforts.

The World Wide Web is a dynamic sphere, and focuses on the millions of websites, blogs, articles, and videos, that are constantly being revised and updated.

It’s extremely important to get, and to stay on top of the traffic game with your blog or website.

To ensure that the search engines have all your new blog posts and updates, you can ‘Ping’ to get your blog noticed by the major directories, every time you add a new post to your blog.

When you send the ping to get your blog noticed, you don’t need to totally rely on the search engines to do all the work to find your new or updated blog post.

The ping, identifies you to the search engines and aggregation services, such as social bookmarking websites, within a matter of seconds; and tells the search engines that you made a change.

The ping flags your blog, and invites the search engines, and service providers, to come visit you site.

The notification basically says; Hey guys, I just made a change to my blog, come on by and check it out!  The ping serves as an invitation to them, to visit your site.

When the ping service receives an appropriate ping signal from a website or blog, it’s recognized as a confirmation that something has been updated or changed on that blog or website.

The ping service then visits the blog or website, and immediately indexes any newly discovered content.

This is especially effective with Google’s search engines, if you have your blog hosted on  When you send a ping to get your blog noticed on blogger, the search engines arrive almost immediately.

When you consider the fact that the search engines have several million blogs to sort through daily, it’s important that every time you make a change, you should ping  to get your blog noticed.

Bloggers have the ability to actively ‘ping’ an update message to all of the major directories.

This means that the search engines, do not need to visit blogs on a regular basis to check for new changes.

The blogger takes the initiative to inform the search engines when changes happen.   This means the search engines are more efficient in reporting updated links when they occur.

I recommend using either of the following: located at
Autopinger located at

Both provide excellent timely results however, DO NOT submit your URL more than once, and then remember to allow the site to complete pinging before closing your browser.

If you take the initiative to ping to get your blog noticed, your blog will always be indexed in a timely manner and your blogging efforts will be rewarded.

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