Know Your Search Engine Business Relationships To Internet Marketing

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on August 19, 2009
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It’s useful for internet marketers to know and understand, how their search engine business relationships could affect their marketing.

Search engines have gone through many drastic technological changes, since they were first introduced on the web. They have also undergone many changes in their business models, and will continue this trend.

Initially, the relationship of search engines to internet marketing was pretty much cut and dried.

Internet marketers always knew what company they were dealing with, when they were using a particular search engine.

These days, it’s a bit more difficult to determine who, works with whom.

With all the various mergers and partnerships that have occurred between the search engine companies; you may be running a search engine query on Lycos, and you would be getting your actual results, from an entirely different entity.

In this case the results come from different companies altogether.  The directory results come from DMOZ, the primary results from Ask, and the paid listings from Google AdWords.

Search engines can provide you with anything you want to know about.   When you type in a query on a search engine, it’s good to know just who you are working with.

Visitors will normally go to the sites listed highest in the search results page.

You should know your search engine business relationships to help you attain, and maintain, a good position on the search results page.

The higher you are listed, the more money you can make.

Some search engines business relationships are listed below for your information.

  • Google

Google has the largest portion of the market share and provides the primary search engine results to Google, AOL Search, and Netscape.

Google supplies it’s secondary results to HotBot.

Google receives it’s directory data from DMOZ.

Google’s paid listings are supplied to Lycos, AOL Search, HotBot, Ask, and Netscape. Secondary results are supplied to Hotbot

  • Yahoo

Yahoo has the second largest portion of the market share and provides the primary search results for Yahoo search, AllTheWeb, and Alta Vista.

Yahoo receives paid listings from Yahoo Search Marketing.

  • Lycos

Lycos gets it’s primary search results from Ask.
Lycos receives the directory search results from DMOZ, and Google Adwords furnishes it’s paid listings.

  • Ask

Ask provides primary results to Lycos, Ask, and Hotbot. It receives it’s secondary search results from Teoma, and the directory results from DMOZ.

Again, Google Adwords furnishes it’s paid listings.

  • Hotbot

Hotbot receives primary search results from Ask, and directory search results from DMOZ.

Google Adwords furnishes it’s paid listings and secondary search results.

When you know your search engine business relationships, and who your are actually dealing with, you can  improve your internet marketing decision making.

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