Is Bing Better Than Google?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on August 17, 2009
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bing_logo-3All over the internet, the question is being asked, is Bing better than Google?

You may or may not be aware of Microsoft’s latest challenge to the Google and Yahoo search engines; Bing.

If you are not, I recommend downloading it and giving it a try so you can determine the answer for yourself.  It is available at and it replaces Microsoft’s Live Search.

Is Bing better than Google?  You be the judge!

Listed below are some obvious differences.

  • The Bing search engine displays fewer results. It understands what you are searching for and does not display as much ambiguous information.
  • When you put your mouse pointer on the right side of the search engine results, Bing conveniently displays a preview of the web page along with links at the bottom of the frame.
  • Bing changes it’s background image on a daily basis. When your pointer hits certain hidden areas on the image, additional information is displayed, about each different part of the image that you hover over.
  • Bing’s video search allows you to watch a video without leaving the page. When you hover your mouse pointer over each thumbnail image, the video is instantly activated with no apparent delays in loading.
  • Search results are sometimes also placed into additional categories.
    A search for Britney Spears will list in the left side of the search page the additional categories: News, Songs, Tickets, Tour, Albums, Biography, Images, and Videos.
  • The “Related Searches”, and “Search History”, are also conveniently located beneath these categories.
  • By clicking the Enhanced View link, Wikipedia searches are displayed inline,  in the search results, without having to leave the search page.
  • The Bing homepage loads lightning fast in your web browser probably because  The logo and search box load first.
  • The background image can be shut off if desired, and on the bottom right of the home page, you can review past photo backgrounds.
  • An Explore function for Images, Videos, Shopping, News, Maps, and Travel is conveniently located on the Bing main page.
  • Bing has search engines for health, shopping and travel, that give very specific detailed information, and answers, in their search results.

One feature Google has over Bing, is that Google recognizes misspellings and is sophisticated enough to return the correct results in most instances.

Bing doesn’t seem to be able to recognize misspelled words as of this date and gives no search results in these instances.

It’s currently unclear whether Bing will ultimately succeed, however, it will keep Google and Yahoo on their toes.    The new competition for PPC will also keep Google paying attention to their base.

Is Bing better than Google?    What do you think?

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