Permission Marketing – 4 List Building Tips

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 9, 2009
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Permission marketing, also known as opt in e-mail marketing, is an excellent cost free way to compile a list of targeted customers for your specific market niche.

Permission marketing, requires the customer’s willing authorization to subscribe to your website, newsletter, free giveaway, or promotional mailing by e-mail.

The more permission marketing e-mails you send to a target audience, the better chance you have of making a sale, and additional follow up sales.  However, in order to accomplish this, you must first build a list of willing subscribers.

Here are 4 list building tips to help you with your permission marketing.

1 – Start by putting up a good web form on your website.

A good permission marketing web form, can be as simple as a short statement describing the benefits you provide, how updates to your website can be made available by subscribing to your opt in list, or where to be directed for a free download.

There should be an area below the statement, where the subscribers name and e-mail address can be provided.  It need not be super fancy, but it should be simple and functional.

Inputted information is then automatically saved by your auto responder, and as more people take advantage of your web form, your list will grow.

You can debate where to place the web form on your website, however, the two best locations seem to be either in the top left hand corner, or just after the end of your written content.

The top left hand corner is preferred, because it is one of the first places you tend to look, when you enter a website.

2 – Design an impressive homepage.

The first thing a visitor sees when they enter your website, is your homepage.  Make your homepage attractive and impressive.

Create attractive graphics that are simple yet sophisticated; don’t over do it.

Keep your homepage small, in terms of megabytes. Remember that many people still use modems for internet access, and will not wait too long for your web page to load.

Your site should be useful and easy to navigate. Provide well written article content and descriptions of your website.  Grab your visitor’s attention, and keep it long enough for them to take advantage of your permission marketing, opt in offer.

3 – Have a good product and provide excellent service.

Effective permission marketing requires a good product, and excellent service in order to build a satisfied customer list.

A satisfied customer will always recommend your business, and return customers will also very likely bring additional business to your website. Word of mouth recommendations alone are like gold to your business.

The more list members you have, the more exposure your site and your product will receive.  Providing a good product and great service will ensure that the exposure you receive is positive.

4 – Never lose your customers trust.

Permission marketing is done to gain trust with your customers.  Your customers expect you to keep their e-mails private.  Keep a clean, private list and never, never, never, give out or sell contact information.

A good reputation is hard to come by, and will attract more traffic and subscribers than you can imagine.  Don’t do anything to destroy your reputation, or the loyalty and trust of your customers.

We trust that these 4 list building, permission marketing tips will increase your customer subscriptions and improve your online business.

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