Make Money Using Article Marketing: 6 Reasons To Use It

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 8, 2009
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Making money with article marketing is easy, once you understand it’s importance in your online business.

So why is article marketing so important to your online business?

Here Are 6 Reasons To Use It.

1 – Article marketing makes you money by providing long lasting website traffic.

Website owners usually do not delete an article once they get new content. They will simply archive your article on their website, where it can be accessed at a later date.

Anyone visiting the archive section, can read your article whenever they desire. So, how can an archived article provide long lasting traffic?

You still have the resource box at the end of your article! That means that you will still receive website traffic, whenever a visitor browses through your article and clicks on your website link.

As long as your article is still available to read somewhere, it still has the potential to funnel traffic into your website and make money.

2 – Bloggers always need fresh content.

You can make money using article marketing, when blog authors pick up your article for publication.

Bloggers constantly need something to write about and believe me, they scour Ezines looking for fresh content. A blogger can run across your article, find it interesting, and post them on their blog.

If you remember to always provide quality information on about your topic, and set it up with a catchy title and resource box, your article will be syndicated by bloggers when they need to update their blogs with new content.

It’s a symbiotic relationship; you get exposure and the blog author gets free content.

3 – Product developers also need fresh article content.

Another reason to make money using article marketing, is that product developers need high quality article content to bolster their offerings.

If the content of your article is related to the product developer’s theme, and the content is high quality, it is likely that your article will be reprinted and placed into their publication.

Your article may be used by a product developer, to give added credibility and back up their product claims.

When a product developer does this, they automatically recognize you as an expert in your field, give you additional credibility, and provide you with free exposure across the internet.

The subscribers of the newsletter or Ezine that circulate your article, are actually, virally marketing your article.

4 – Make Money Using Article Marketing As An Expert Authority In Your Field

When your articles are virally circulated on the Internet, more people read what you have written, and conclude that you are an authority or an expert on the subject you have written about.

When you are regarded as an expert in your field, an unbelievable amount of trust comes along with it.

People will use the link in your article, to visit your website, to learn more about you and see what you have to offer them.

If you have a well thought out site, you might sell some of your products or services. This is how you make money using article marketing.

5 – Use Related forums to post your articles.

You can get noticed in forums, by posting your article as a thread, in an answer you provide to another forum member’s question.

Like blogs, forums are a place where people of similar interests interact with each other and trade ideas, thoughts, questions, etc.  When you post your articles as a thread, you can create an aura of credibility with other forum members.

If your article is unique and well written, other forum members could syndicate your article, and use it on their sites where it can virally reproduce.

6 – Search Engines Love Articles.

A good position in the search engines, is the best way to get visitors to come to your website.

Articles are search engine friendly; and article marketing, produces higher page ranks, and excellent search engine position results.

For some unknown reason, the search engines seem to pick up articles faster than anything else on the Internet.

If these 6 reasons aren’t enough for you to make money using article marketing, there are many others that can be added to convince you.

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