Online Video Websites Are A Great Way To Promote Your Blog

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on March 3, 2010
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Online video websites are a great way to promote your blog and to acquire targeted traffic to your website.

Of all the many other ways you can go about promoting your blog; using free online video websites is probably one of the most effective, and efficient methods.                                                            ecover

Online video websites allow internet users to upload their video creations for public consumption, or to download other people’s videos for your own use.

Once your videos are uploaded, they can be viewed by thousands of internet users, provided they are useful and interesting enough to keep your viewers attention.

Blogs are sometimes difficult to get recognized by your audience.  You may need something to spice up your blog posts to get your visitors interest, and to spread the word about your online presence.

Online video websites are a perfect low cost fun way to do this.

All you need to create your video is either a web cam, or a camcorder, along with software that you can get for free to edit your video masterpiece.

Camtasia and other free editing software can be used along with a free simple HTML editor, to create instructional videos that you can upload to your online video website.

Once uploaded, you can use the site’s editing features to add captions, descriptions, or your website’s URL to your video.

Make your video interesting, don’t make your message sound too pushy, and avoid creating a video that appears like spam to your public.

Describe the purpose of your blog and highlight it’s features.  You might even want to capture screen shots of different pages of your blog that you feel may better describe it’s purpose.

Including screen shots in your video, is a great way to better describe to Internet users, what your blog is all about.

Once you’re finished making your video, save the file on your computer and upload it to the various online video websites following their directions.    Each video website may have different formats they prefer, but they all have tutorials that will walk you through the step by step uploading and editing procedures.

It’s a good idea to use your blog’s keywords in your video description, so the search engines can properly index it.

You can also use online video websites to place interesting videos from other producers on your website to increase your visitor traffic.  Often a video that has a viral following can be added to your website to enhance your content and attract additional visitors.

Online video websites are a great way to promote your blog, increase visitor traffic, and jump your rankings with the search engines.

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