The Benefits Of Web Conferencing In Business

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on March 2, 2010
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More companies are discovering the benefits of on line web conferencing.

Web based seminars, web conferencing, and web presentations are all convenient, economical ways to address  geographically separated participants in a single event.

Web conferencing participants are able to easily share their applications, conduct and participate in online presentations, and by using instant messages; instantly communicate questions, or give suggestions about the seminar, or presentation that they are participating in.

  • Perhaps one of the main benefits of web conferencing is the reduction of business costs to online or off line companies.

Web conferencing can drastically reduce a company’s travel costs.  Because the participants do not need to physically meet face to face; the company benefits by not having to provide airline tickets, hotel accommodations, meals, and entertainment costs.  With to cost of fuel these days, mileage allowances are also eliminated.

  • The time saving benefits of web conferencing also appeal to both large and small businesses.

A nationwide conference can take place in a matter of hours, instead of days.  The time necessary to set up a web conference, is the time it takes to call, or email every participant with the date and time schedule.

Since web conferencing takes so little time to schedule; you no longer have to worry about traffic jams, airport delays, flight cancellations, and the long and irritating tarmac runway waits, that are often the norm these days.

Meetings or training programs can be held on very short notice, even when the participants are located in distant  countries.  Guest speakers or lecturers can be scheduled on a moments notice without the cost of travel or the usual travel delays.

  • One of the greatest benefits of web conferencing, is that company employees get to spend more quality time with their families, and stay closer to their work staff.

This adds to worker’s flexibility, allows for a happier home environment, and equates to greater work productivity for the business owner.

Saving time, saves money.  And employee travel not only wastes time, it also costs the company a lot of money.  The time and money spent on organizing a conventional company conference meeting, can be used to reduce other company costs, and to generate additional sales and income for the company, and the business.

  • Another one of the benefits of web conferencing, is that an employer can immediately address company, personal, or business issues with their employees.

Employers can keep in close touch with their employees, where ever they are located in the world, to consult and collaborate on important ideas that could improve company productivity.

The working and professional relationship among employees is strengthened by the ability to meet and consult freely and frequently using web conferencing.

  • Employers also have the ability to interview potential employees ‘face to face’ without leaving their office.

This is especially useful for hiring employees in technology positions.  The candidate can demonstrate their ability to perform basic computer tasks involved with web conferencing as part of the interview.

  • The benefits of web conferencing extend to the ability to record and archive the interview or conference.

A personnel interview archive is extremely useful for future reference and is an important addition to the employee’s personnel file.

The archive capability is also useful for providing necessary information to people who missed the live initial web conference.

You can bet that technology is here to stay.

The benefits of web conferencing extends to education, training, customer service, personal relationships, and many other institutions outside of the business world to improve our daily lives.

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