Viral Marketing Using Mobile Devices?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on March 3, 2010
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Viral marketing using mobile devices, PDAs, and mobile phones, is the ultimate opt in medium for viral advertising and is a great way for Internet marketers to connect with their users, provided that’s what the users really want.      animated_graphic_1

Viral marketing using mobile devices can be extremely productive when it is done properly.

The idea of getting unwanted advertising through our Blackberries, is distasteful to say the least.  We the public, have become expert at filtering out anything and everything we dislike in our lives.

We are good at filtering our water, the air we breathe, the annoying pop ups that we come across on the Internet, and our unwanted email spam from our in boxes.

The key word that we must remember for successful viral marketing using mobile devices, is WANT!

Because mobile devices are the ultimate opt in medium, marketers must be careful how they approach their clients if they intend to be successful.

Here are a few ways to achieve success.

  • When viral marketing using mobile devices make sure you offer only exclusive content.
    Anybody can offer ring tones to mobile device users.  Unique content such as an exclusive mobile image of a new brand idea, can peak the interest of users and get them to other media like email campaigns, websites, or newsletters.

    A wireless viral marketing campaign is most effective when it provides exclusive content for wireless users.

  • Viral marketing using mobile devices should be useful and timely.
    Think about what would be handy useful to have on your mobile device and then provide it to the user.  You could provide a download able gift shopping list for the Christmas Season, or a fishing log for anglers to use to mark their favorite spots.

    A good example is when Food Network enabled shopping lists to be downloaded for Sprint customers during Thanksgiving to make their shopping easier. It was useful, timely and effective.

  • Clearly define your objectives.
    Usually, incremental revenue of brand intimacy drives a successful mobile experience.  For some reason, text messages usually take the priority over almost all other forms of wireless communication.

    The prioritization of wireless text messaging over voice by mobile device users, could be because we have not yet been saturated enough with mobile spam.  It could also be due to the lack of intimacy that text messaging allows over voice communications.

Viral marketing using mobile devices has been out there for quite some time, and we marketers have already found that consumers will readily bypass their filters, for rich, exclusive, useful, entertaining and compelling content.

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