Niche Markets – Think Outside The Box To Compete With The Heavy Hitters

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on January 1, 2010
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You need to think outside the box to compete with the heavy hitters if you plan on making inroads in a particularly competitive niche market.

Tackling your competition head to head is extremely difficult, even on a level playing field.

However, when competing with the Internet marketing gurus, and the heavy hitters that seem to dominate many of the lucrative niche markets, you need to think outside the box to stay in the game.

As any football coach will tell you, when you are up against a tough defense, it’s more effective attacking from different directions using unique plays, than just plodding head on through the opposing line.

Military commanders think outside the box and attack the enemy from their flanks, and even from the rear, in order to win the battle.

Affiliates can also become more successful when they think outside the box, and develop new innovative marketing ideas, to compete in their niche markets.

The electronics industry was shaken up when a couple of the computer companies first started selling to the public on the Internet, instead of through retail outlets.

They broke with convention to think outside the box, and successfully initiate a totally new marketing plan.

You might want to start thinking about what your competition is NOT DOING, instead of concentrating on what and how they are doing things.

If you are in the stop smoking niche; think about what other affiliates are NOT providing to your customers.    Many customers in this niche, need some sort of support group in order to successfully quit the habit.

  • As an affiliate, think outside the box, and try and fill this gap by setting up an online “smokers anonymous” type of forum, where members could interact with each other and exchange their experiences and ideas on different non smoking products.

Your affiliate product could easily be included here.

  • You could add a support group type widget to your blog, to allow readers to share how many days, weeks, months or years they have successfully stopped smoking.
  • Or, you could just allow your website visitors to create their own profile pages, where fellow members could post their support messages.
  • You could even set up a Twitter list on your site, to collect encouraging tips and ideas for people trying to stop smoking.

In highly competitive niche markets, you need to think out of the box if you intend to compete successfully with the heavy hitters online.

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Setting up a Twitter list works like a charm!
Been there, done that.

Written By Amanda on January 2nd, 2010 @ 9:08 pm

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