Affiliate Marketing Strategies – Create Content Sites For Your Business Model

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on January 2, 2010
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One of the most popular affiliate marketing strategies, especially for newcomers who are just starting out as affiliate marketers, is to create content sites for your business model.

In this business model, content site publishers work with their advertisers to deliver promotions to their users to sell their products, services,  or subscriptions.

Many affiliate marketers or publishers, already have specialized web sites that they can tailor to target specific niches.   Or if they don’t, they can easily create a website to cater to their specific niche of consumers.

One of the proven affiliate marketing strategies that works extremely well,  is to create a content site, with information that targets a relatively small, specific group of people.

For example; you could create a website on redfishing in the Mosquito Lagoon in central Florida.

The information that you provide on redfishing is the primary draw for your website.

However, you can monetize the users that visit your site, by placing appropriate affiliate advertisements, or by promoting such things as fishing gear, terminal tackle, fishing guide services, “How To” books on redfishing, and even tours to the Central Florida and the greater Orlando area.

Another effective affiliate marketing strategy, is to create content sites dedicated to selling one or two types of products, from several companies.

When you create content sites to market to a specific audience using this business model, the possibilities are virtually endless.

You can market anything from kayaks, to wedding gowns, to kitchen utensils.  Your imagination is your only limitation to creating content sites.  In every case, all you need is a willing audience to target, and a need to service.

There are other more complex affiliate marketing business models, that you can work your way into, as you progress with your performance marketing.

However, creating content sites works extremely well, is very profitable, and is one of the best affiliate marketing strategies out there.

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