Ways To Beat The Big Guns In Your Niche Market

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on December 31, 2009
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The internet has removed many barriers to getting started in a particular niche market however, you still need to find ways to beat the big guns in your area of expertise, to compete successfully on the global scene.

Although the strangle hold that the big well established players had on the marketplace several years ago is not near as great; small companies still need ways to beat the “big guns” and compete successfully in their niche markets.

One thing is definite, 7 or 8 years ago, it would have been next to impossible for a small Internet marketing company from Australia, to globally compete successfully with the big boys in that market; today it is being done regularly.

Tackling the top niches, is more achievable than you think.

Do not misunderstand.  Climbing to the top in a competitive niche market is not a snap to accomplish.  It requires a lot of determination and tactical thinking, but although challenging, there are ways to beat the big guns.

The first and most obvious idea to consider is to know your target.

What does knowing your target have to do with climbing to the top of a competitive niche?

A Lot!  Does the phrase, ‘know your enemy’ ring a bell?

Strategically it’s the first thing you need to do before beginning any business or campaign.

An example of a little player who successfully took on the giants in the marketplace, is Subway.

Subway successfully took on Mickey Ds (McDonald’s) and Burger King to eventually become a player in the fast food industry niche.

They did it by researching, and knowing their market better. Instead of copying Burger King and McDonald’s marketing plan, they discovered that many customers wanted healthier fast food options.

Subway targeted this hole in the market to become successful in the fast food industry and out do McDonald’s and Burger King in the U.S.

The way to beat the big guns is to duplicate this same strategy in whatever market niche you are involved in, to more thoroughly know your target market.

For instance; my sister has been trying for years to quit smoking.    This niche can be targeted by using Subway’s successful strategy and learning about the following.

  • Find out what products are new in the ‘quit smoking’ niche, and which are the most popular.
  • Find out what smokers are talking about, in order to quit.
  • Find out what smokers who quit and start smoking again think about ‘quit smoking’ products.
  • Find out about other smoker’s concerns.
  • Listen to what the smokers are saying, and disregard any preconceived ideas you may have about how to quit smoking or ways to quit.

Clinging to preconceived assumptions, can cost you a potentially lucrative market presence.

Of all the ways to beat the big guns and become competitive in your niche market; the most important is to know your target market and keep up with the latest market trends as they develop.

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