More Reasons To Use Facebook

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on February 4, 2012
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More Reasons To Use Facebook

There are many reason to use Facebook and in the future there could be many more if you are a home based Internet business trying to get yourself noticed on the web.

With Facebook’s initial public offering filing this past week, it’s clearer how Facebook makes their money.

Although their business model could change in the future, the social networking giant currently makes about 85% of their revenue from online advertising.

This pits them squarely against Google, Yahoo and Microsoft which also run the Google and Bing search engines.

Payments and fees from other company’s transactions on their site comprise an additional revenue stream to Facebook.

Are these good reasons to use Facebook?

Probably not right now, but many analysts predict that Facebook has ambitions on becoming “THE” website where everyone hangs out to hopefully spend most of their money.

Some analysts apparently believe that Facebook’s ultimate goal is to acquire more users the ability to be able to make all their purchases on their site, to the point of doing all their banking and even making airline reservations.

Once you enter Facebook’s online community, everything you need will be available for their users.

For home based businesses this could be the ultimate place to make your pitch.

Facebook currently has almost 850 million users.

Right now groups and businesses can pay to highlight posts from a user’s friend network or other pages on Facebook, through sponsored stories advertisements.

Facebook users can become fans for different products or brands by simply clicking “become a fan”, with fan advertisements.

Brand advertisers are moving a ton of money into Facebook as are small and medium sized businesses.

In last year’s third quarter, Facebook took over Yahoo as the number two position in display ad revenues, second only to Google.

Facebook’s advertising effectiveness is primarily due to the possibility that every ad placed in the Facebook user network has the potential of going viral.

Of all the reasons to use Facebook advertising, the potential of your ad going viral is the most often stated.

With Facebook going public, there is speculation in some circles that they could entertain moving into the search business which is currently dominated by Google and to a lesser extent, Yahoo.

In addition to current Facebook advertising, a search engine would provide users with the ability to easily purchase products and services on Facebook as well.

Should this occur, Google’s domination could be seriously affected.

Home Based Internet Marketing Information provides many reasons to use Facebook for advertising or branding your small business, however a Facebook search engine would definitely put the “icing on the cake”.

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