Maximizing AdSense Earnings

Adsense is one method that generates a great deal of advertising income when properly executed.

In order to maximize their adsense earnings, most webmasters will target the highest paying keywords. Several free tools are available which are  commonly used to identify these high paying keywords.

Savvy webmasters will develop lengthy keyword  lists to maximize their adsense earnings,  yet often after publishing these high paying keywords on their web pages, the cash that should accompany the effort is not there.

Why isn’t the cash rolling in?  What is wrong?  Could it be that funneling traffic to the higher paying keyword pages is the problem?

The answer is usually, YES!

Optimizing your site navigation is often necessary to get visitors to visit your high paying keyword pages.

How are the visitors using your website?

When they hit your landing page, they usually click a link on another page that sparks their interest.

Clicking links that are on the landing page to get your visitor to that second page of interest, is called, Site Navigation.  It’s simply a means to let visitors move around your site, and a way to maximize adsense earnings.

Typically, websites have menu links on every page.  Properly wording these links to spark the attention of the visitor, and get them interested in the high paying keyword page, is basically what site navigation optimization is all about.

Use words such as FREE, or DOWNLOAD, or FREE DOWNLOAD to get your visitor to click on the link you
want them to.

This strategy can also be used to funnel traffic to any of your high paying web pages.

Websites that have a high traffic volume yet are not making earnings consistent with the traffic volume probably require some site navigation optimization.

A great way to turn cheap clicks into real money, is to cleverly label your higher earning page links to entice your visitors to click on them.

Improving your website navigation will definitely help maximize your adsense earnings.

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