Article Marketing: 3 Quick Writing Tips

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 7, 2009
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Article marketing is not all that difficult, however, there are some things you should be aware of when writing your articles.

Here are 3 quick writing tips to help you with your article marketing efforts.

1 – Article marketing is more effective when you write relatively short articles.

A short article is much easier to read, to digest, and to comprehend than a longer, rambling article.

Your article should be just long enough, to effectively deliver all the information your reader needs to know about your subject.

A good non-technical article, should be a minimum of 300 words, and not exceed 800 words in length.  In article marketing, the shorter and more to the point your article is, the better the results.

Be brief, summarize your main points, and your readers will appreciate your article all the more for it.

2 – Present your article in an entertaining and informative manner.

You might try to pattern your article after a late night talk show.  Make your articles entertaining, humorous, and informative.

In article marketing, you can provide a solution for every problem you present to your reader. Also, research, and include FAQs about your product, and provide solutions to these questions.

Frequently asked questions, and burning desires are always interesting to write about, and will keep your readers attention.

3 – Make your article more personal by including useful tips for your readers.

Use “command” type tips, to advise people on the proper course of action to take.

Also use “mistake” tips, to advise people what to avoid or what NOT to do.

People always appreciate being helped and getting a “heads up”.

Warning your readers also gives your article a personal touch and tends to develop a relationship with your reader.

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