Grab More Sales With Downsells

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on March 12, 2010
Posted Under: Internet Marketing Strategy

Upsells and one time offers are proven money making strategies, but you can also grab more sales with downsells.

Most people don’t realize that downsells actually result in more sales.   And, until fairly recently, downselling has been a relatively unknown and seldom used marketing strategy.

To grab more sales with downsells, simply offer your prospect something less expensive than your original offer.

If you can integrate one or more downsells into your business, and if you decide to use a downsell; here are some effective ways to implement them.

  • You can grab more sales with downsells in conjunction with one time offerings.
  • A very effective downsell strategy, is to give your prospect a second one time offer, at a reduced price.  This strategy often results in a 10% to 50% closing rate.
  • You can use a downsell to prevent your prospects from totally abandoning your shopping cart, should they have second thoughts about the purchase.
  • You can implement downsells using conventional email marketing
  • You can implement on site product positioning
  • You can implement downsells using exit popups or exit chats.
  • You can often grab more sales with downsells using multiple drop downs.  Even though some people dislike using them, multiple drop downs are an effective way to close additional sales.

You also need to determine if the diminished returns are worth implementing additional lower priced downsells, when you decide to use multiple drop down menus.

Depending on your expected return, you need to weigh using this strategy, against your long term relationship building strategy with your prospect.

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