How To Build A Brand New List Of Subscribers

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on August 11, 2010
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email-marketing1Learning how to build a brand new list of subscribers from scratch is something newcomers need to know how to do quickly, if they intend to make any substantial amounts of money online.

Unfortunately when we talk about our lists of subscribers, we all too often take for granted that everyone already has list to work with.  But what about the newcomer who has no list?

Dollar wise, it’s common knowledge that every subscriber is worth on the average about $1 per month to your income stream. This is why Internet marketers always say, that the money is in the list.

Here is how you can effectively build a brand new list of subscribers quickly.


Decide on a primary gift you will offer people as an incentive for them to sign up to your list.  Your offer will naturally depend on your market.

This can be a video, some software, a PDF report, or anything else of real or perceived value.

You can create your own gift, such as a free report using Open and turn it into a downloadable PDF file, or you can use PLR content.

If you don’t feel comfortable creating your own free gift and have nothing else that is suitable; you can just use Private Label Rights (PLR) content that is readily available on the Internet.

PLR ebooks, software, and videos are available on almost every niche market and can be used as your own, when you receive the license to it’s content.

You can change or modify the PLR content any way you feel like, in order to give it your own personal touch and make it more valuable to your visitors.

The more valuable you make your free item, the more people will want it.

Of the hundreds of PLR resources on the Internet, here are some of the most frequently used that offer quality content.


You need to set up a landing page or squeeze page, to give your primary gift away and get your subscribers email address.

Before you can do this, you will first need someone to host your list, and provide an autoresponder service for your subscribers.

Aweber, 1ShoppingCart, or GetResponse are all good and will provide you with tutorials on how to set up the various services they offer.  

A good landing page that will attract subscribers, will need at least these elements:

  • A Keyword Loaded Title

This is the title that you see at the top of your browser in the blue bar. This is what the search engines display when they list your page.

  • A Catchy Keyword Loaded Headline

Your headline is the first thing your human visitors will read, so make it powerful, relevant, and attractive.  If you plan on PPC campaigns to drive traffic to your landing page, make sure your title is keyword relevant.

  • A Sub Headline

Sub headlines are recommended to highlight the main benefits people will receive when subscribing to your email list.

  • Audio Messages

A self recorded audio messages will sometimes increase your response rate provided it is brief and persuasive.

  • Content

You should not have more than 250 words in the body of your content.

Bulleted lists describing the benefits usually perform better and make for easier reading.  Your content should always be relevant and keyword rich.

  • Sign Up Form

Your autoresponder company will provide you with several types of sign up forms you can customize to your landing page.  Once you decide on a form to your liking, simply copy the code and insert it into your landing page.  Keep your sign up form simple.

When you build a brand new list of subscribers, the most important thing to remember when setting up your landing page or squeeze page, is that the marketing and copy writing is far more important than the actual gift used for your primary giveaway.


Decide on two more gifts to give away to everyone who takes part in your offer, and another two Really Good gifts to give away to “winners” of a little contest you will be holding.


Describe the main gift you will be giving away on your blog or website, along with the action people need to take to get the gift; such as visiting your landing page.

Describe what the other gifts are that you have available and tell people what to do to receive them.  This can be taken from the text you send in your emails to your existing subscribers, as you receive them.


Email to your existing subscribers and offer the primary gift; then tell them how they can receive additional gifts if they help you spread the word about your primary gift.

What you are doing is asking people to send out an email to their friends and colleagues telling them how great your gift is and how they can also receive it.

You then ask them to post the text of that email into the Comment section on your Blog.


You increase the incentive by offering a gift to everyone that posts a comment on your Blog and offer your most valuable gift to the person who posts the best comment.

This is a great way to create Buzz about your blog and build a brand new list of subscribers in one easy step.

You can up the ante and ask them to create more of a buzz about your offers, by asking them to publish blog posts about your gift and comment on other people’s blogs, or even asking them to spread the word on message boards and forums.

Offer another valuable product to people who spread the word the most.  This could be described as a type of viral marketing.

This is how to build a brand new list of subscribers using leveraging techniques, that actually lets your newly formed list, continue to build your list.

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