How To Avoid Being Classified As A Spam Site

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on August 12, 2010
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spamWhatever the type of website you are running, you need to learn how to avoid being classified as a spam site by the search engines.

Although auto blogging has become an outstanding way for newcomers to generate long term earnings in this current economy, one of the biggest problems with auto blogging sites is their penchant for being classified as a spam site by the search engines.

If this happens, your website could be delisted from the search engines or in the worst case scenario, your site could be “blacklisted”, rendering your domain useless.

If you become blacklisted, the search engines basically ignore your site, regardless of what new content or revisions you make to it.

When this happens, you might as well just let your domain expire.

You can avoid being classified as a spam site by heeding the following practices and making sure you don’t leave a “footprint” on all of your auto blogging websites:

A “footprint” is something that is common to all of your sites.  Something that makes your site easily identified as an automatically generated website.

  • Always use some sort of unique content to what is generated by the auto blog site, in order to avoid leaving a readily identifiable footprint. What generally flags a spam site to the search engines, is the lack of unique content. A good bit of unique content added to the site will definitely help you in this regard.
  • Make regular use of a uniquifier plug ins You usually have to purchase these plug ins but they are worth whatever you pay for them.

    Basically they “fool” the search engines into thinking the content on your website is unique.  The downside to using them is that they must be updated regularly to keep the search engines from detecting them.

  • Use unique meta tags and keywordsIf you make sure that every page has  unique meta tags, title, and keywords; it will also help with the search engines.  Most of the spam sites use the same meta tags, title and keywords throughout the site.
  • Vary the types of templates and layouts that you use on your auto blogging sites Many spam site simply use the same default WordPress template.  This is a dead giveaway to the search engines.
  • Don’t host more than 10 auto blogging sites on a single hosting account When Google sees 200+  auto blogs on the same IP address; they will shut you down in a heartbeat.
  • Use more than one host for your auto blogging sites especially if you have a large number of sites. This gives you several IP addresses that will avoid leaving a footprint for the search engines to detect.
  • To really help avoid being classified as a spam site, you need to make sure your auto blogs provide valuable information in addition to what other auto blogs provide.To do this you need to mix up a combination of unique content, PLR content, and content “scraped” from sites like Amazon, article directories, Yahoo Answers, etc. to help the search engines realize that your site is valuable.

At the very least, always make sure that your Home Page is unique.

The need to learn how to  avoid being classified as a spam site by the search engines, is extremely valuable regardless of what type of website you have.

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