Six Simple Tips That Make Your Squeeze Pages More Effective

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on May 27, 2010
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Here are six simple tips that will make your squeeze pages more effective and increase your subscription rate.

  • Squeeze pages should be kept short as possible. Get to the point as quickly as possible, using the least amount of text in your content.

Internet users using a typical 1024 x 768  pixel monitor, shouldn’t have to scroll down the page in order to view the full content.  Keeping your squeeze pages short retains the interest of the reader and will increase the number of subscribers.

  • Stay away from “glitzy” looking squeeze pages. Keep your squeeze page basic and free from any distractions.  The goal is to get subscribers, not to demonstrate how talented you are at graphics or writing content.

Tests show, that in almost all niche markets, basic squeeze pages tend to perform better.

  • To make your squeeze pages more effective, keep them basic and simple.

A gaudy, expensive looking squeeze page, can often cause readers to think that the item to be purchased will be out of their price range; so many readers simply don’t even bother subscribing.

  • Testing suggests that a professionally created image of the product, or the gift you are offering your subscriber, will substantially increase your subscription rate.

An attractive, professionally created image, gives both you and your squeeze page credibility.

On the other hand, a poorly created graphic will reflect the opposite and make readers believe you’re an amateur and are only offering junk.

  • Don’t use cheap do it yourself ebook cover creators for your squeeze page images. They almost never look professional, and will only detract from the effectiveness of your squeeze page.
  • If you can’t afford a professional to create your images, just use a stock photo instead.

Go to,, or any of the other stock photo sites on the Internet to pick an attractive photo image for your squeeze page.

Don’t ever copy a photo, or an ebook image from other people’s websites, or from a Google image search without first getting permission to use the photo from the webmaster.

You could be in violation of copyright laws, if you use photos from Google images.  These photos are simply gathered from other webmaster’s websites, and can get you into a lot of trouble if you use them.

  • One of the simple tips that makes your squeeze pages more effective is to use a suitably sized photo or image.

A good size to use for fast page loading, is 150 to 200 pixels.  Larger images, or “shrunken” images take too long to load on slower Internet connections, and can cause potential subscribers to leave your squeeze page before they read it.

The last of the simple tips that make your squeeze pages more effective is one that is often overlooked by marketers.

  • Test different headlines, text sizes, and colors on your squeeze page, to see if there is any difference in the sign up rate.

Headlines are especially important, and can be split tested using software or by rotating different headlines for a week or a month, to determine if any noticeable changes to the sign up rates occur.

You can add a visitor counter to your squeeze page to see how many visitors you get on a daily basis.  You can then determine the percentage of subscribers that opt in for each different headline or color change.

It’s always worth tweaking your squeeze page to monitor the number of subscribers and make appropriate changes when necessary.

You can make your squeeze pages more effective using these simple tips; and it won’t cost you a dime to do it.

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