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Before you even sit down at you computer, decide on what you want to accomplish for that sitting.

Avoid having a too many icons on your desktop. This gets confusing in addition to being a distraction.    Depending on what operating system you are using, you can always  set up a  second “work desktop” to be used for only one purpose.

Shut off your email account for the duration of your work session.  Its easy to get sidetracked by incoming emails so unless you are expecting a confirmation of some sort, simply shut it down.    Your emails will still be there when you open up the program after you’re done.

In a home based business,  it’s advisable to put your phone on voice mail during your work session.   Close you office door and if necessary put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.
It sounds stupid, but it works.    How to become organized in a home based business is more difficult than in a structured corporate office setting.     Stay focused on what you originally planned to accomplish and if you do get interrupted at home, keep it short.

Schedule your work session  for relatively short intervals. Its a fact that your concentration diminishes the longer you sit in front of your computer.   Its something like “white line fever” on the road.   Any good thing gets boring after doing it too much.

Schedule a break for yourself when you get tired. My eyeballs start going after a few hours regardless of how engrossed I am in the subject matter.     Working to the point of no return just to finish a job is good to a point.   A good stretch, a cup of coffee, some deep breathing or anything to relieve the tension of being in front of a computer screen should be taken when you need it.

Work at your own speed but don’t dawdle.

We all have different approaches to getting the job done.   Organize any way you want but remember to finish the job at hand in the time you previously allotted to getting it done.

Getting organized should not be a cumbersome chore; instead you should feel confident that your  organization got the job done.

When you come up with a good plan to tackle a task, stick with it. If it works, don’t mess with it.
Even the best plans can fall victim to procrastination.    Treat procrastination like the disease it is, avoid it!

Getting organized enhances your productivity and self esteem.   Knowing that your organizational skills directly resulted in the creation of a good finished product, just makes you feel good.

Knowing how to become organized is difficult for some to grasp but always results in a more profitable internet business.

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