articlesEzine Articles could be the most important part of your business plan and marketing strategy.

An Internet Business Marketing Strategy that gets visitors to your web site is the most important  part of your business plan, and Ezine Articles fits the bill to a tee.

The best deal on earth is useless without having any people visiting to your site to enjoy your offer.

TRAFFIC is what Internet Marketing is all about.


Pretty simple?   You bet, if you  just follow the rules of the game.

Of the many online conventional traffic driving techniques I have personally used that will not cost you a fortune to implement and which is one of the most effective, is to publish Ezine Articles.

Ezine articles provide a safe, high visibility, high return and for the time being FREE method of advertising, that all the search engines can be dominated by.

The reason to submit your article to Ezine Articles is so that it gets picked up by their  publishers or webmasters and gets reprinted for their audiences.

Audiences can be up to the millions!    There are no guarantees that your article will be reprinted, but if you provide an article that is informative and shares your expertise, the likelihood is that it will be picked up and republished by someone.

Ezine Articles requires ORIGINAL ARTICLES ONLY for submission.

They discourage and do not accept purchased (PLR) articles as written, rewritten or heavily modified public domain articles from content sites, or articles that you do not have exclusive license to.

Other prohibitions are placed on press releases, advertisements, promotional copy, sales letters, blatant hype and excessive self-advancement.

For the best chance to get your article published; your articles should contain tips, strategies, techniques, case studies, analysis, opinions and lots of commentary.

Any articles that contain more than five lines of quoted or sourced material will probably be rejected.

When articles are written properly and the Ezine Articles guidelines are followed, regular article publishing can drive thousands of visitors to your web site.

If only one percent of the readers actually visited your site, the boost to your business would more than justify the time and effort required to write and publish decent Ezine Articles.

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