How Is Using RSS In Affiliate Marketing Beneficial?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on August 28, 2009
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Using RSS in affiliate marketing, has become a very productive marketing technique.

Successful affiliate marketing is directly related to the amount of traffic that you can attract to your website.

Since increased web traffic, equates to increased sales, and using RSS leads to increased web traffic; it’s only reasonable that you should be using RSS in your affiliate marketing efforts.

Rich Site Summary, or RSS, is a format for delivering regularly changing web content to whoever wants the information, in a timely manner.

People who regularly use the Internet, have problems finding enough time to read, and keep up with all the web sites that are of interest to them.

Using RSS solves this problem, by allowing visitors to scan the updated content from the sites they are interested in, without having to physically visit each site.

A great deal of time is saved by not needing to visit each site individually.

Bloggers, publishers, and news related sites, syndicate their content as an RSS feed.

The only drawback to not using a RSS, is that after the first visit, visitors do not need to return to your site.

This means that unless your visitor has initially signed up for your website’s email newsletter or free giveaway, you may not get a second chance to build your email list.

Regardless of this fact, RSS is a popular method of attracting web traffic and is one of the top techniques used to improve ratings.

RSS will improve your search engine ranking.

Setting up a blogger on your main domain will give you an even better search engine ranking, and will result in thousands of users per month, being added to your website.

Using RSS technology, if you intend to really dominate your affiliate niche, is a no brainer.

Using RSS can help build trusting relationships with your visitors.

When a visitor to your website is impressed by what they see, they will add your RSS to their reader.

Even though you might not have initially received their email address, your RSS will be added to their reader, and when interesting new content is added; they will return to your site.

After a few visits, you may eventually get their email address.

This is how using RSS can build a trusting relationship between your website and your repeat visitors.

Using RSS can also be considered an alternative to email marketing.

Although many people do not like to give out their email addresses, especially to a relatively new website, using RSS allows you to promote your site without even knowing your visitor’s email address.

A new website can lose the majority of their visitors forever, if they are not using RSS.

A reluctant first time visitor who for whatever reason give you their email address, will use your RSS to look for any interesting new content when it is available.

Using RSS allows visitors to quickly see any new content appearing on your website.

Using RSS always gives you the opportunity to grab your visitor’s attention and encourage him to click on your web site or affiliate link.

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