Blogging Information: Blogging Can Be A Mistake For Your Small Business

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on April 13, 2010
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Everybody seems to be blogging these days; but blogging can be a mistake for your small business enterprise.

There appears to be an ongoing debate on whether to use a blog, or build a website to operate your small business.

The truth is that blogging could be a financial mistake for many small business enterprises. Very few people actually make enough money blogging to earn a substantial income.

This could be because people tend to regard their blog as a “hobby”, instead of treating it like the online business that it should be.

Although there are certain types of online businesses where blogging is recommended; conventional wisdom suggests that building a website is the more productive route to travel.  And, for some ebusinesses, it makes sense to use both a website and a blog.

When you strip out the “hype”, blogging as it exists today, is just a different way to build a web site.

The content of blogs are time sensitive.  They are usually chronologically organized by the date and time that a blog post is made; which is why the search engines favor them.

Blogs are basically the focus of your latest post, and it should be noted that few people actually bother reading past that point.

So why all the debate about business blogging versus a website?

It could have something to do with the RSS technology, that allows visitors to subscribe to a blogger’s latest content.

RSS technology is what caused blogging to break into the mainstream.

Since your blog is all about your latest post; RSS is critical to alerting your followers about this time sensitive information, as you post your content.

RSS technology will immediately disseminates your latest blog content to your visitors, and the search engines.  But can blogging be a mistake for your small business, or should you build a website?

Ask yourself a question.  Do you find blogs, or theme base content sites when you search Google for information?

I believe that when you perform a Google search, you will almost always find a website.

Though there are many more blogs than theme based content sites on the Internet; when you search Google for specific information, you will seldom find a blog in the search results.

This is because Google knows what you are searching for comprehensive information, and not for just a few paragraphs on the topic.

It delivers a relevant page from a website, about the niche market that is related to your search.  Google knows that the website has additional niche related topics you can
find beyond that page.

Google may occasionally display a blog post in the top 10 of its search results if the search query is timely, or more of a topical nature.  However, you need to use Google’s blog search engine if you want to specifically search blog for information.

Since only about .2% of Google’s traffic use Google’s blogging search engine to find information; blogging can be a mistake for your small business.

Here are some ways to make money with your blog.

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