Do You Need Graphics On Your Website?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on March 13, 2010
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Do you really need graphics on your website in order to create a thriving business?

Well, NO not really, but the correct use of graphics on your website will dramatically increase the effectiveness of totally bland site.

There is no cut and dried answer to the graphics question, because many marketers make tons of money on websites and landing pages that have very little to no graphics on them.

Sometimes ugly sites work well because the visitors feel they’re not being specifically targeted by Internet marketers.

A few graphics on your website or landing page is OK.

Here are a few facts about graphics.

  • Sometimes plain ugly websites with no graphics make tons of money.
  • In most cases, although you don’t need graphics, they have been shown to increase the effectiveness of a website.
  • In certain instances, ugly websites with an amateurish look, can actually create a sense of authenticity.
  • A professional polished look is usually best when selling to businesses.
  • Always consider your target market when deciding whether or not to go for a professionally polished look on your website.
  • One or two well-placed photos can turn a bland HTML page into something that captures people’s attention.
  • The so called minimalist look, with fewer graphical elements, is often the most effective use of graphics on your website or sales pages, and can easily be done on your own.

The minimalist sales page design has no header graphic, no footer graphic, and no background image.  You start with a headline and use a few pics, an ecover graphic or two to better explain the product you are selling, and possibly your logo.   That’s all.

If you need graphics on your website for a polished, professional looking sales page; consider outsourcing the work to a graphic artist to do it for you.

You can get some of the most well-known Internet marketing mini-site designers to do the work for you at prices that range from under $200, to $1000.

Just do a Google search to find them, however be cautious when using random freelance graphic artists.  You need to avoid image licensing problems that could arise with some of the freelancers.

If you decide to do your own graphics, and go for a minimalist design; you can get your own photos from several sources.

  • Use images or photographs you have created on your own
  • Use public domain images
  • Use licensed images from stock photo sites

You can create your own images and ecovers using PhotoShop, or other lower priced software programs like it. A quick Google search will display several options.

When using public domain images, beware of “non-commercial use” clauses. Don’t waste your time looking for a perfect public domain image, when you can quickly license one for under a couple of bucks on a stock photo site.

When licensing from a stock photo site such as Istockphoto,,, or one of the many others on the web; make sure they provide high quality pics, a good selection, and a cheapo price!

Also be sure that the selection you make is licensed for business and resale purposes. Read the terms of the license to sidestep any legal problems before they occur.

When you decide that you need graphics on your website and which look to present; either an intentionally ugly look, a minimal graphics look, or a professionally designed graphics look, then put them up using any of the above suggestions and see the difference.

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