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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on February 12, 2010
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Email marketing  is one of the best ways to make serious money online, but you need to know how to do it right.

DO NOT go online and purchase a list of email addresses, and start spamming everyone with your affiliate link.   These are considered unsolicited emails and could get you into some serious trouble.

The people who you normally find on purchased lists, probably have already had their email addresses sold several hundred, to several thousands of times, have been spammed to death, and will in all probability NOT be interested in your product, if they even bother opening your email to read it.

Generally, many of the people on purchased lists, no longer even have, or use their same email address.

Many newbies to email marketing fall prey to this mistake, and pay dearly for it.

The real truth about email marketing is that many companies on the Internet offer highly targeted email campaigns.

Millions of emails are sent out by these companies, to get people to ‘Opt-In’ and agree to receive emails about specific products in targeted market niches.

These email marketing companies will not actually give you the email addresses; they send the emails for your campaign themselves.

Because these email marketing companies are reputable, and people on their lists have already “opted in” to receive emails from them on a variety of topics, they are not regarded as spam emails. 

In addition, they actually LOOK to receive offers from you about your product.

For example, let’s say that you want to promote a dog training affiliate product.

First you find a company that has an ‘opt in’ database of pet owners who need information about training their dog.
Then create an email that presells your product, and include the dog training affiliate link in your email.

Dog training is a popular niche market, so lets say you email 10 million dog owners you presell with your dog training affiliate link.

Out of 10 million emails that were sent, you can conservatively estimate that 2% of the people mailed, will click through your affiliate link.  That equates to 200,000 impressions.

Out of those 200,000 impressions, or click throughs; you can again conservatively estimate that 2% will actually purchase your dog training affiliate product.  That gives you 4,000 purchases.

Secrets To Dog Training (aka SitStayFetch) has been the No. 1 dog training and behavior site for 4 years with a commission of $32.78 per sale.

Putting some basic math into it gives you a total sales of $131,120.  Not bad for an email campaign that takes only about a month to complete!

You might also consider the fact that the conversion rate for most of the popular items on Clickbank purchases is better than the 2% figure we used here.

On the average, good Clickbank products sell at a ratio of 1:15.  This means that for every 15 views, one purchase is made, which equates to about 6.6%.

Anyone can make a TON of money on the Internet using targeted email marketing; all that is necessary is a targeted email list, and an in demand product.

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