Do Your Email Marketing Campaigns Work?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on August 14, 2009
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Every business owner that tries to promote their website using email marketing campaigns, will at some point, question the effectiveness of  their email marketing strategy.

Email marketing campaigns, as well as any other marketing campaigns you initiate, should be closely monitored to ensure that your efforts are producing the intended results.

Evaluating your email marketing campaigns on a regular basis, allows you to tweek your various email messages to achieve the best response rate.

Often a simple tweek, such as changing a title, or the phrasing of an introductory paragraph, can increase your email marketing campaigns’ response rate considerably.

Successful email marketing campaigns, are tested, and retested many times over, by successful email marketers, to ensure that the best possible response rates are achieved.

Testing is the only accurate way to determine whether your email marketing campaigns are working, or if another marketing method you are using to promote your business is providing the results.

You should evaluate your email marketing strategy regularly, and change it fairly often, until you get the results that you’re satisfied with.

It’s important to set an achievable goal, before you begin evaluating your email marketing campaigns.

Determining the effectiveness of a campaign without having a specific end goal, is almost impossible to achieve.

Drawing a bead on a moving target is difficult!

A good example, is determining the number of sales per month that can be expected from your email marketing campaigns.

Determining sales per month, is a simple process, however, if the goal of your email marketing campaigns is to generate more interest in your product; you would not use sales to evaluate the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.    Website traffic would be a better identifier.

Once you decide how you plan to evaluate your progress, you can easily determine how effective your current email marketing campaigns are performing.

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