Learn Why People Don’t Buy

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on August 13, 2009
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It is just as important for you to learn why people don’t buy a product, or service, as knowing why people get turned on and ready to buy.

To really perfect your home based internet marketing, you must learn why people don’t buy.

You might be surprised how many times a little thing, like a slow loading web page, can cost you a sale. Or a pop up, that annoys your prospect enough for them to leave your site without purchasing anything.

If you take the time to learn why people don’t buy, you can correct the potential pitfalls before they can substantially affect your income.

One way to correct any potential problems is to have someone proofread your sales letter before publishing.  Having someone else proofread your sales page can catch simple spelling errors, grammatical slips, and other potential obstructions that can cause you to lose sales.

Below are some of the many reasons why people don’t buy.

  • People Don’t Buy When Claims Are Exaggerated Or Misrepresented.

Most people are skeptical of heavy handed advertising and believe that a “salesman” will do and say anything to make a sale. Tell the truth about your product or service and don’t over hype it.

There is a fine line between using all your persuasive powers to market your product, and stretching the truth. Maintain your credibility, don’t lie!

  • People Don’t Buy From Internet Marketers With Unprofessional Looking, Or Over Designed Websites.

You might have the best product on the planet, and still get no sales, if your website or sales page looks like it was the product of an acid trip.

Avoid conflicting colors, excessive annoying pop ups, overpowering backgrounds, and any other discombobulations that make you look like an amateur marketer.

Leave the high tech stuff alone, and concentrate on selling your product.  People just don’t buy from a site that looks wrong.

  • People Don’t Buy From Sales Pages With Clever, Funny, Or Witty Ad Content.

Prospects are not visiting your site to be entertained, they come to buy your product or service.  Visitors get turned off when confronted with unprofessional teaser lines, weird graphics, or flashy headlines.

These tactics diminish the effect you are trying to achieve with your sales letter.  The focus is taken off your main sales message and usually lost.

  • People Don’t Buy When They Are Uneasy Or Feel Uncomfortable.

When you are marketing, or developing a totally new product; you need to convince your prospects of it’s worthiness.

People are initially uncertain about a new product or service, and they naturally become uneasy about purchasing it.

To overcome the uneasy, uncomfortable feelings of your prospect, you need to bolster your product’s worthiness with user testimonials, or positive customer feedback.

You can overcome the same uneasy feelings your clients might have with a new business or payment method, using this same technique.

  • People Don’t Buy When They Are Fearful And Being Pushed

Remember that it’s pointless to try and control your prospects.  They are in complete control of the buying process.

A successful internet marketer will invite, guide, provide a road map for, and entice their prospects in many imaginative ways; but they never get pushy.   A gentle lead, is much more effective selling technique.

  • People Don’t Buy Only What Is Necessary

People usually buy what they want, not necessarily what they need.

It doesn’t matter how much a person NEEDS what you’re selling; they won’t buy it, if they don’t want it.

Get your prospect to want what you have to sell, and you eventually have a sale.

  • People Don’t Buy The Second Time Around, Unless They’re Satisfied.

Have you ever bought more than one time, from someone who left you with a horrible buying experience?

Enough said about this.  Customer service and customer satisfaction is what it’s all about.

Keep your customers happy and you will get repeat business.

That’s the whole purpose of keeping a clean list!

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