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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on August 15, 2009
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Knowing how to pre-sell is what separates the super affiliates from the rest of the competition on the internet.

If you are adept at making friends, you already know how to pre-sell.

Most of the people on the Internet are only searching for information.

Unless they are already looking to purchase a specific product or service, they are not planning to buy anything from you.

Knowing how to convert these information seekers into buyers, is how to pre-sell your product.

You must first make friends with your visitors.  Don’t try to immediately sell them your product or service.

Remember that they came to your site to get information, and not to be sold!

From the title and content of your website, you should already know what information your visitors are after.

So, since they have already landed on your website, looking for the information they searched for; give them what they want!  Don’t try to sell them anything, just give it to them!

Part of knowing how to pre-sell, is building trust with your visitors.

Giving your visitors what they are searching for, goes a long way in building that trust, plus, it acknowledges you as an authority on your particular topic, or field of expertise.

Once recognized as an authority by your visitors, on the topic that  interests them, they will be more attentive and receptive to the suggestions you make.

When you know how to pre-sell effectively, your visitors will be open to any suggestions you make to them, and will then be ready to buy.

This is the scenario you are trying to create, before you actually start selling.

Make your potential customer receptive to your buying suggestions.

Make them comfortable enough with you, to believe in your advise.

Now that your visitor is ready to buy; make sure you sell them a product or service that is what they need and is top quality.

Don’t try and sell them something that makes you a high commission, unless the product is top notch.

The worst thing you can do to your credibility and reputation, is to sell an inferior product to your customer.

If you pre-sold a great product.      Make sure that the product you deliver is great!

The most important part of knowing how to pre-sell,  is delivering what you promised in the pre-sell.

Learn How To Pre-sell And  Build Online Credibility, Here.

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