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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on May 19, 2010
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Learning how to write good blogging comments is something you learn over time; it’s not something most bloggers are automatically proficient doing.

Usually when you submit a comment on another individual’s blog, you are asked to provide your name, your email address, and your website URL along with your comment text.

When your comment is moderated and posted; the website URL that you entered is attached to the text and is placed in the “Name” field.

If you use keyword anchor text for your name, and write something of value for your comment that is relevant and doesn’t look like you’re trying to spam the blogger; you have an excellent chance of getting your comment approved by the moderator.

When lerning to write good blogging comments, remember that your comment should not look like you’re just trying to snatch a backlink; it should add to the topic of the discussion and be of interest to readers of the blog you’re commenting on.

Blogg owners are more likely to approve your comments when they are relevant and meaningful; so take a few minutes to write a killer comment that the blogger will appreciate.

A good practice is to read other people’s comments on the blog you are commenting on, to get an idea of what topics are hot and currently being discussed. Then simply follow suit and get into the conversation.

Most webmasters realize that people make their names relevant to their websites, and they usually will not reject a comment with a backlink that adds to the discussion.

When learning how to write good blogging comments, you need to learn about the “no follow” tag.

Many webmasters use the “nofollow” link tag on their websites, to protect themselves from blog spamming.

Unfortunately, spammers don’t limit themselves to email spam. They have also become a rather serious problem to bloggers.

It used to be easy getting backlinks to your website before the days of heavy spamming. All you had to do was post a useful comment and wallah, you got your backlink!

Now, things have changed.

Webmasters now use the “nofollow” tag, to add a link to their website without losing Page Rank to the page they are linking to. So now, when you make comments and leave your website URL; it’s not considered a backlink.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post comments on blogs with a “nofollow” tag.

Even though the blog doesn’t leak you page rank, you still benefit form the increased traffic you gain when the readers of the blog you commented on, find your comment useful and click on your URL to visit your site.

And, the the search engine spiders will still crawl your link, even with the “nofollow” tag.

There are still a lot of bloggers who disable the “nofollow” attribute.

When you comment on these blogs, every comment you leave will be counted by Google as a backlink and boost your search engine ranking.

Take some time to learn how to write good blogging comments and you will find that both your web traffic and search engine rankings will improve.

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