Outsourcing Ebooks: Some Tips For Outsourcing Ebooks You Should Know

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on April 14, 2010
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Here are some tips for outsourcing ebooks you should know about, if you are in the niche marketing business online.

Ebooks have become very popular in the Internet niche marketing industry because of their low publication costs, and the ability of marketers to easily use them in list building and various other marketing strategies.

Because so many marketers rely on ebooks as part of their list building or Internet marketing campaigns, many marketers have turned to professional writers to outsource ebooks.

Because the level of competition continues to increase, the quality of the ebooks used must also increase.

Therefore many marketers have turned to outsourcing ebooks to qualified candidates.

Since there are many concerns about the process of outsourcing; here are some tips for outsourcing ebooks you should know about.

  • First of all, make sure you get the right person for the job.

Find the most qualified candidate to write your ebook, and take your screening process seriously.

When you place your advertisement, specify your project requirements and be precise.  In addition to your topic, you need to explain your goal for the project, specify the date you expect the project completed, the approximate length of the ebook, and any other information your candidate might need to know before they apply.

When outsourcing ebooks you will undoubtedly receive many applications from unqualified applicants.  This is why you need to screen your applicants carefully.  Get samples from your applicants and review them for quality, relevance, and the ability of the applicant to follow instructions given in your ad.

You can quickly eliminate the applicants that do not follow your instructions, or provide you with relevant, quality work.

Now you can pare down your candidate list, to find the most qualified applicants and talk to each of them in depth about your project by phone, through online interviews, or in person if it’s geographically feasible.

You should then be able to determine which candidate best fits the bill, or if any candidate fits the bill.

  • When outsourcing ebooks, get involved with the development of an outline with your writer.

After you are satisfied with your selection of a professional writer for your project, and if you have not already done so; develop an outline for your ebook project.

You should be deeply involved with this, to ensure that everything you need to put in the book, is included to market your ebook. Collaborate with your writer on the outline, and swap suggestions that could improve your ebook.

  • Whenever outsourcing ebooks, keep final editing rights.

You should always maintain final editing rights in any ebook that you commission.

During the actual writing of the ebook you can work closely with the writer; but after it’s completed, you should carefully edit and review the ebook yourself.  Since you are ultimately responsible for any information in the book, it’s important that you do your best to ensure it’s accuracy.

Your completed ebook should be interesting, informative, grammatically correct, have good sentence structure, a nice flow and be accurate.  This is extremely important with medical or technical ebooks.

By maintaining final editing rights, you also ensure that any stipulations by advertisers are met.

Companies and individuals sometimes sponsor ebooks in exchange for having their products, services, and links to their website mentioned.

When outsourcing ebooks that are sponsored, the final version should be carefully edited to make sure that the sponsor’s needs are protected.

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