Article Marketing: How To Write A Secret Article

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 3, 2011
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undercover-croppedYour article marketing can become much more effective if you learn how to write a secret article for your readers.

All Internet marketers have a market niche where they have developed some uncommon method of dealing with an everyday problem or doing something in a faster, better, or more efficient way.

As an expert in your niche market, you probably know something about your niche that most people do not know anything about and even if you don’t think of these pearls of wisdom as secrets; to someone else they are.

Because article marketing is a great way to share your expertise, learning how to write a secret article is something you need to know.

In effective article marketing, the unique facts and things you know about your niche are what generate the most interest in your readers.

By sharing only a few of your best kept secrets in your articles, you wet your reader’s appetite for more information and in the process solidify your expertise in your niche topic.

These steps will guide you in learning how to write a secret article that will grab your reader’s attention and keep it:

  • First, carefully choose a secret about your niche market that the majority of your readers do not already know.This can be a new solution for an existing problem, a little known process you are willing to divulge or something else unique to your product or service that your readers will benefit from.
  • Next, write a title that is captivating enough to immediately grab your readers attention.Your title should generate immediate interest in your secret but not give away your secret.Don’t exaggerate or over hype your secret in the title.

    You are simply trying to generate enough interest to get your readers attention and have them read on to the body of your secret article.

  • In the first introductory paragraph of your article, share your secret with your audience.Articulately explain your secret process or solution in detail.  Use bullet points, a list, or if necessary an outline to tell your readers exactly what your secret is all about.
  • Explain why your secret is a secret.Tell your readers why the information you are sharing with them is is special and not common knowledge.Make your readers appreciate the uniqueness of what you are sharing with them and explain why you’re sharing your secret.

    Article marketers don’t generally share secret information out of the goodness of their hearts, so explain why you have decided to share your secret in your article with your readers.

Now that you have shared your secret and your secret is no longer a secret; recap it for your readers.

  • Conclude your article with a summary about what your secret is, what it means to your readers, why you are sharing your secret with the public and how your readers can get additional information on the topic.Be sure to highlight the important points and benefits.

When learning how to write a secret article you can pretend to actually “whisper” the secret to your reader, thereby creating the illusion that what you are really writing about is actually a secret.

By learning how to write a secret article effectively, you will improve your reputation as an author and boost your credibility in your chosen niche market.

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