4 Powerful Marketing Strategies You Need To Know

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on January 3, 2010
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These 4 powerful marketing strategies, are time honored, have been proven to be effective, and could substantially benefit your affiliate marketing efforts.

Are they absolutely necessary to become successful in your affiliate marketing business?       money_idea

Probably not, but using any of these 4 powerful marketing strategies could directly affect your bottom line and boost your profits when properly implemented.

What is most important is that you keep an open mind, and study each of these strategies to see how they could positively impact your business.

The more understanding you have, the more useful and beneficial they will be to you.

  • The ‘OFFERING MONEY’ Strategy

These powerful marketing strategies are based on telling your prospects that your product or service must be so valuable, that people are trying to make sure you hold their spot before it’s actually released, by offering money ahead of time.

The principal is to create an urgency in the mind of your prospect, to immediately purchase your product or service, yet hold them off until it is officially available.

The general tenor of the sales pitch goes something like this; “Ninety Seven people have already offered us $97 to reserve Affiliate Jumping Jacks before Jan 2, but in order to be fair to everyone, ……”   You get the idea!

You then tell your prospect that….. “In order to be fair…”, you told the people they couldn’t do that and … “they will just have to be present when the product goes live”.

This strategy works especially well with digital products and limited membership sites.

The terminology can be specific to each product, but the tone remains the same.   You instill the urgency to purchase a “hot commodity” by suggesting that everyone is trying to purchase the product beforehand.

  • The ‘Don’t Share This Link’ Strategy

Suggesting a privileged URL to your prospects, leads them to believe they should be honored to be part of your list or website.

When you tell your prospects “don’t share this link with anyone ……”, it creates the impression that a privileged secret is being shared with them and that only they know about the ‘special’ URL.

Using these powerful marketing strategies, you can offer a free product, or a discounted product, or a sign up form for your affiliate program, or anything that you can make sound extra special to your prospects .

You can make your URL sound more appealing, by telling your prospects before they are allowed access to your site, that it’s against your terms of service to share your URL with anyone.   Or, you could make them click on and agree to a nondisclosure contract,
before they get to see your web site.

Making your URL link sound extra special to your prospects, adds value to your site and will get them to sign up more readily.

  • The “Digital Discount” Strategy

The “I’ll take the amount off the physical version …” strategy, tells your prospects that you will be releasing a physical version of your product, similar to the digital version they have already purchased, at a date in the near future.

You tell your prospects, that you will deduct the price they paid for the digital version, from the price of your upcoming physical DVD, or book product if they decide to purchase it.

People who do not purchase the digital version, must pay a higher price for the physical product when it comes out. This incentivizes your prospect to promptly purchase the digital product.

  • The ‘Future Warning’ Strategy

These powerful marketing strategies tell your prospects that they can’t face the future without performing some “call to action.”   It could be reading your advertisement, clicking on a link, signing up to a list, or anything you want your prospect to do.

When people are warned about something, it’s usually an indication that something bad is about to happen; so most people will perk up and take notice when a warning is given.

This ‘warning’ could be about your competition’s product, an upcoming price increase, a world event that could increase the need for your product, or anything that could affect them from getting the desired benefit from your product.

The incentive is for them to purchase your product or service, before the warning occurs.

The more you understand about these powerful marketing strategies, the more useful and beneficial they become to your affiliate marketing efforts.

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The don’t share and future warning strategies work well, as I can readily attest to.

Great site for newcomers to the net.

Written By Jazzman on January 5th, 2010 @ 2:08 pm

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