YouTube Skippable Video Ads Are On The Way In This Year

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 3, 2010
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youtubeYouTube skippable video ads are on the way in later on this year, according to  YouTube plans that were recently announced in the Wall Street Journal.

It seems to be a straight forward concept.  Their player will now sport a “skip” button that users can click if they prefer to go straight to the video content and sidestep the advertisement.

For users, there’s not much more to explain.  You either click the button to skip the video advertisement, or you just let the video play in its entirety.

I can attest to the fact that YouTube’s pre roll advertisements are extremely unpopular with users.

You currently have no choice except to wait for the ad to finish up before you can view the video you came to see. Some of the pre roll ads are also almost as long as the video content you came to view.

To say the least, pre roll ads get to become extremely aggravating.

The fact that YouTube is planning to do something to solve this problem, is why I consider it to be the number one video sharing site on the Internet.

YouTube also plans to change their advertising model a bit.  They will not charge advertisers when an ad gets skipped.  The advertiser pays only if the ad is watched.

Because the ultimate goal of advertising is to have your ads read by viewers; the end result of YouTube’s actions, is that advertisers will be forced to create better ads to capture and hold their viewer’s attention.

Viewers are extremely tolerant of ads they enjoy watching.  This is proven every  year on Super Bowl Sunday.

With YouTube’s new system, we will probably begin to start seeing come weird ads as different formats are tested for the skippable ad system.

To say the lest, it’s going to be interesting to see what kind of advertisement it will take for different viewers to sit and watch the whole video, instead of skipping it.

It appears that consumers will be getting the best of both worlds.  They will be able to skip boring ads and go directly to their videos, and the entertainment value and quality of the advertisements we will see, should substantially increase over time.

Since YouTube skippable ads are on the way in, it stands to reason that YouTube’s revenue stream will take a hit, when their users simply start skipping every ad when they are given the option to do so.

It may also raise the overall ad rates for YouTube advertisers.  One thing is sure, there will have to be some sort of adjustment on the cost and pricing, in order to account for YouTube’s impatient and anti advertising user base.

YouTube skippable video ads are on the way in, and so is higher quality advertising.

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It’s about time they did something about this! Those annoying ads do nothing but cause me gastric discomfort.

Written By Cath on July 4th, 2010 @ 9:57 am

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