Businesses spend hundreds to millions of dollars annually on the promotion of their products or services.

Advertising is always necessary in some form to improve sales regardless of how well your business is doing.  All businesses want to do better and are always looking for any internet marketing information that will economically increase their bottom line.


Unfortunately, many business owners believe there is no such thing as a FREE way to promote their business.   If by some stretch they do allow themselves to believe it, it is often written off as a waste of time.

The truth is, many free promotional methods are not worth the time and effort, however, there is one exception.


Unless you have been living underneath a rock, most internet users are fully aware of and have at some time watched a free video on You Tube, Google Video, or some other such site.

If you never have had the opportunity, visit You Tube to see what you’ve been missing.

These websites allow internet users free viewing of the videos hosted on their sites.

Most of these sites allow businesses to produce their own videos for uploading to share with others on their site.

This presents a wonderful opportunity, when properly taken advantage of, for you to market your product or service to a huge number of individuals at zero cost.

I recommend you first do a Google search for “video websites”.  Then, before making a video, familiarize yourself with the guidelines for each site you plan to submit your video to.

The restrictions and rules for submission are not the same for each site so it’s a good idea to make sure you are in compliance before uploading your video.  Most sites do not have restrictions on commercial videos providing they are done tastefully.

When producing your video, avoid over promoting your product or service.  You do not want your video looking like spam.

End your video with a link to your website, or directions on how to make a purchase if you are showcasing a product.

If you are promoting a service, describe in depth what service you are providing and why the viewer needs it.  Do not forget to include contact information about your business and a link to your website at the end of your video.  Customer information can also be gathered when opt-in links are properly used in your video.

Although I stated that online internet video websites are a FREE way to promote your business, I must amend my statement to read, ALMOST FREE.

You WILL need some basic equipment to produce a decent video.

First, a good camcorder gives the best results. A web cam can be used as an alternate, if it is of good quality.

Second, movie production software is necessary.  Most operating systems already provide decent software preloaded as part of the package.

Third, a movie producer with a good marketing plan will go a long way to increase your business.  Make your movie brief,informative, to the point and professional looking.

Finally, follow the instructions given by each video website you intend to use, on how to upload your edited video.

If you are a home based internet business, or a large storefront corporation, you will benefit from the internet marketing opportunity offered by online video websites.

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