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affiliate-marketingDo the stories of home based affiliate marketers that have the ability to print money anytime they want have any credibility?

Can affiliate marketing really produce these results or is it “too good to be true”?

The answer to these questions is, YES!

There are many affiliate marketing “gurus” out there with the qualities it takes to virtually print cash anytime they want.

The truth is, anyone with the desire and determination to succeed can earn unbelievable profits with a little work in just a few weeks.

Developing your own product, having your own web site or writing sales copy ads is not necessary to become a successful affiliate marketer.   You can begin with nothing but a computer and still earn a substantial amount of moolah.

This is why affiliate marketing is so attractive to newbies starting their home based businesses.    They are able to work on their own time, learn about the affiliate marketing business and profit by using the resources and efforts of their affiliate partners, all from the comfort of their home.

Most newcomers start use this method, and as they gain experience and confidence, progress to create their own money making businesses.

You can waste your time, resources and profits if you do not take care in choosing the right affiliate program to market.

Below are some helpful tips to consider and some things you should KNOW before you pick an affiliate partner.


First, target your audience.
Many newcomers to affiliate marketing forget that they should first identify their niche market, and then offer the people what they are asking for.

To make BIG money, make sure you have offered the people you have targeted in your market the EXACT product or service they are asking.

You wouldn’t try to sell an Eskimo a refrigerator, would you? Nor would you try to sell a space heater to someone in the  Amazon river basin.

The same line of reasoning applies when you target the copyright market.     Offer your potential customers a product applicable to copyrighting, not on photography.     This is important in order to maximize your commissions.

Don’t try to sell a product to someone that doesn’t need it.
This is an all to common mistake made by many new to affiliate marketing.


Make sure your affiliate’s product or service delivers what it promises.

Before you recommend a product or a service to someone, examine it or better yet, try it yourself.

By educating yourself about the product you are trying to promote, the better you will be in describing the product.   Personal experience with the product gives you credibility that in turn increases sales.
People can usually tell when a person doesn’t know anything about what they are talking about.    When this is the case; they don’t purchase.


Does your affiliate’s sales letter make you want to buy the product?
This is a good test to use.  If you can’t be convinced, then the people you send to the affiliate’s site will probably not be convinced.

Make sure the web site and sales copy are professionally written and stand out.  Make sure the sales letter draws the potential buyer to the conclusion that he needs to purchase the product or service.   Look at the conversion statistics.

You don’t want to waste time and money promoting a site with a poor quality sales letter that won’t convert the visitor to a buyer.       Spend you money wisely.


A good affiliate program will provide marketing tools to their affiliates.

The better the tools, the easier it is to get the sales message through to your customers and make a sale.
The ready made sales materials allow you to focus more on promoting the product and making  more money.


Make sure the monetary return on the promotion of the product is commensurate to the time and efforts required in it’s promotion.  In other words.

What will you be paid, in relation to the amount of work done by you?

A higher commission schedule is a great motivator, however, you must also consider the amount of competition you will be facing in the promotion of the product.
The $70.00 product that gives you a $55.00 commission is great but make sure the competition doesn’t kill the volume of sales.
It could be better promoting a $35.00 product with a $22.00 return that has good potential for large volume.
Residual income, as in the case with “membership sites”,  is also what many affiliate marketers promote in order to generate a continuous income stream.

If you want to become a super affiliate and collect the huge checks that they earn by promoting affiliate programs, you need to acquire the qualities they have developed.

You must also learn to take advantage of new promotional methods and tactics when they become available.

Successful affiliate marketing is a learning process.      The more you do, the more you learn and accomplish, the more money you will bank.

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