Website Usability: The Five Commandments For A Working Website

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on April 3, 2010
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There are basically five commandments for a working website you need to know when creating your website.

Because people on the Internet visit countless websites on a daily basis, they already have their own opinions formed of how a website should look.   Therefore, you have to present the best first impression possible to your visitors with your website that you can.

Here are five commandments for a working website that will give you the best possible start right out of the box.

  • First Commandment – Always think like your consumers.

Remember that you too are a consumer and should know how important it is to locate products online when shopping.

Organize your website into different relevant categories, and make sure that your customers can easily find what they are looking for, by placing products in more than one category.

Give your consumers several ways to find what they are looking for on your website.

  • Second Commandment – Illustrate Your Products Exactly

Use professional looking photos to illustrate your products.  Photos will instantly tell the consumer a lot about the product they are looking for.

Most consumers only scan the descriptions; so keep the headlines brief and keep sentences short.  Your detailed summaries should not be more that 20 or 30 words long.

  • Third Commandment – Don’t Be Tempted To Load Up Your Website With Unnecessary Media

Flashy is not always the best policy.  Often too much media and fancy transitional effects can become a distraction to consumers. They can cause your website to becomes less effective at keeping your consumers attention on what you are offering them.

Blingy special website effects often cause slow upload times and can delay your customer’s product search.  Slow loading web pages often cause consumers to leave a website altogether.

  • Fourth Commandment – Keep It Simple

Don’t complicate purchasing for your consumers.  Display all pricing and shipping information clearly and make sure that your check out procedure is simple.  Don’t create unnecessary check out steps or add unneeded pages that only complicate the procedure.

You can reinforce your consumers confidence in you by including your phone number, email address, and return policy clearly on your website.

  • Fifth Commandment – Continuously Promote Your Online Business

Websites do not market themselves.  You need to continually promote your online business if you expect to succeed online.

Keep in touch with your customers with newsletters, or special offers, so they don’t forget you are there.  Always keep an open mind and think outside the box.

You can try targeting new markets, and optimizing your content as you continue growing. You need to continually promote your online business if you intend to have a successful ecommerce website.

When it comes to improving website usability, these five commandments for a working website will make your ecommerce website hum.

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