Internet Marketing Strategies: Using Upsells And One Time Offers

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on April 2, 2010
Posted Under: Internet Marketing Strategy

You should really consider how you can increase your online profits using upsells and one time offers, if you plan on becoming a successful Internet marketer.

Upsells and one time offers can be found almost everywhere online.  With an upsell, you simply ask your customer to upgrade their original purchase to either a larger purchase, a more refined product, or to make a secondary purchase.

Burger King, Best Buy, various car rental companies, WinZip, and many other types of software, are some examples where marketers commonly upsell their products.  Buying a tool or car warranty, is an examples of an upsell.

Depending on which way you look at it, upsells and one time offers can be either the extension of your front end offer, or the start of your back end offer.

Although most businesses make the majority of their profits from back end offers; you can increase your profits up to 300% by using upsells and one time offers.

There is nothing wrong with upselling if it is done ethically and gives a benefit of some sort to your customers.  Unfortunately some online marketers upsell in an unethical manner and cause problems for the rest of us.

It’s important to remember that a good upsell should always benefit your customer.

When you try to sell your customers something else they might be interested in buying; the technique is called cross selling.  Cross selling is similar to upselling; and both cross selling and upselling will increase your online profits when done correctly.

One time offers, also know as OTOs, are as the name implies, presented only once to your prospect.  They get one opportunity to take advantage of your offer once.

It’s a “get it done now” or “forget it forever” offer, that when done correctly, will have your prospect “chomping at the bit” to purchase your offering.

The most effective one time offers will cause your prospect to feel like they are missing out on a special deal, or bargain, if they don’t immediately purchase your offer.

Effective one time offers will put your prospects in a buying mood, and will create a sense of urgency in them. That is precisely why they work so well.

Any sales letter can be transformed into a one time offer by adding some script to track both cookies, and IP address.

You can have a custom coded website script with this function created for you by a professional programmer, or you can use prewritten scripts that can be found using a Google search.

If you haven’t already done so, creating upsells and one time offers, incorporating them into your sales process, and implementing them; will demonstrate exactly how effective they can be in increasing your bottom line.

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