Website Usability: Part 2 – The Advantages Of Using Frames

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 9, 2009
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To enhance website usability; we have listed below, a few of the advantages of using frames in web development.

The disadvantages of using frames were emphasized in Part 1, however there are also some advantages for using frames in website development.

Many developers still use frames in their websites for the reasons listed below.

Designing Ease:

Web developers use frames in their websites to make their job easier.

A developer can place the logo, and the navigation menu in a single frame, so it then becomes unnecessary to re copy the information, to every page of the website he is developing.

Frames that contain this, or other duplicate information, do not need to be copied every time a user clicks a fresh page on the website.  Frames are a real time saver for web developers.

Browsing Flexibility:

Web surfers can view several mini-browsers at the same time, when frames are used.

More work can be accomplished, and more information can be accessed, from a single viewing of the web page.

A framed web page provides maximum website usability, and flexibility for web surfers.

Faster Downloading:

Different website contents, do not need to be downloaded every time a click is made, when frames are used. Contents that should be re-downloaded, don’t have to be, because they are contained in another different frame. This cuts download time and makes downloading¬† easier.

The advantages of using frames, to enhance website usability for the developer, are primarily speed, and ease of construction.

There will always be a use for frames in website development.

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