Watch Your Keyword Density

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on February 27, 2010
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It’s important to watch your keyword density when writing articles for your website or ezines.

The number of times you use a selected keyword in your article or web page, indicates keyword density.

There is an art to using keyword density properly in your writing.         img-keywords

Your keywords shouldn’t be over used, but they should be used sufficiently enough to appear in important places throughout your article, without it sounding awkward to your readers.

If you Watch your keyword density carefully when writing your articles and not overuse them, they will get the organic results you are trying to achieve from the search engines, without sounding out of place to your readers.

Repeating your keywords every other word in every sentence, will accomplish nothing but getting your article, and probably your web site, rejected by the search engines as a spam site.

Never exceed a keyword density of 5%.  In fact when writing ezines, most directories will reject your article if you exceed a 2% keyword density.

The supposed accepted standard for a keyword density, is between 3% and 5% if you expect to be recognized by the search engines. However, it is safer to stay between the 1.5% and 2%.

Keyword density on a web page is calculated by dividing the number of times the keyword or keyword phrase is used in the page, by the total number of words on the page; excluding the HTML code used for writing the web page.

If you have written 100 words on your page and you used a keyword phrase 3 times in the content; the keyword density for that page is 3%.  (3 divided by 100 = .03 or 3%)

Watch your keyword density and try not to exceed 3% if you can avoid it.

If you’re still not sure how to check your keyword density when you are writing your articles, try this simple technique.

Paste your content into a word processor like Word Perfect.

Click the ‘edit’ menu, click ‘select all’, go to the ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Word Count’, and write down the number of words in your article.

Or, as an alternate, you can go to and paste your content into the ‘Body of text to spell check’ area to get a character and word count.

Next go to the ‘edit’ menu, click on the ‘find’ function, and type in your keyword in the ‘replace’ tab.  Replace the word with the same keyword or keyword phrase, so you don’t change the text.

The program counts the number of keywords you replaced, which is also the number of times you used the keyword.

You now have both the total word count for the page, and the number of times you used the keyword, so you can calculate the keyword density for the page.

Hopes this helps you watch your keyword density.

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