Some Giveaway Ideas That Will Quickly Grow Your List

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on February 26, 2010
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If you’re having difficulty getting subscribers to your website; here are some giveaway ideas that will quickly grow your list.

  • Giveaway a Short Report.
    It’s not necessary to spend a lot of time compiling a good report.  If you can write a few pages of really meaty content, that will whet your visitor’s appetite enough to seek more information; you have written enough. You don’t need to giveaway a novel to build your list.
  • Checklist Giveaways
    Checklists are perfect for simplifying things and most people love having things simplified for them. If you offer custom WordPress landing pages, you could provide a checklist that shows people how to properly install them.
  • Software Giveaways
    Of all the giveaway ideas that will quickly grow your list, software giveaways work the best for me.  Purchase a PLR version of software that can help subscribers in your target niche, and offer it to them in return for their email address.  The initial cost of the software will be offset by the gains you receive from future sales you make to your list.
  • Give Away Resources
    Giving away resources, is another great giveaway idea that will quickly grow your list.
    Put together a list of websites you get information from, designers, WordPress themes, writers, article submission sites, or whatever else will help your subscribers and save them time.
  • Coupon and Discount Giveaways
    We all love to save money, and if your potential customers can save money by signing up to your list to get a discount or a coupon; you know they will.  This giveaway also encourages subscribers to purchase from you, and once they do; they are likely to become repeat buyers.
  • Give Away Templates
    You can give away website templates, wordpress templates, landing page templates, forms, or a compilation of design plans to grow your subscriber list.
  • Give Away Blueprints
    Nothing motivates people into action like a blueprint or plan of action.  Put together a monthly plan or create a blueprint to help your subscribers take action and accomplish their goals.
  • Give Away Free Products
    Giving away information products, or parts of the full product is also a great way to accumulate subscribers.  When you give away a couple of videos to a 12 part video instructional product; your visitors are sure to sign up to get the rest of the product.
  • Interview Giveaways
    Record an audio or video interview with a well known guru in your market niche, and then provide it to anyone who subscribes to your mailing list. Written transcripts also work well to get subscribers to your list.

Use your fertile imagination and you can find many other giveaway ideas that will quickly grow your list and increase your bottom line.

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