Viral Marketing Transmission: How Contagious Can It Be?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 18, 2009
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Viral marketing transmission, as anyone that is involved with any type of internet marketing or advertising will tell you, must be extremely contagious, if it is to achieve its maximum effectiveness.

Reaching consumers quickly and cheaply, is why viral marketing transmission is preferred by most internet marketers.

Television has long been one of the most productive methods of viral marketing transmission, however, with the recent innovations in technology and computer chips, the Internet has become a more comfortable and easier media to use.

It’s almost as if the Internet was created to utilize the full potential that viral marketing transmission offers.

Viral marketing transmission by e-mail, is probably the easiest, efficient, and most effective free marketing method you can use, to spread product awareness.

The name viral marketing, comes from the word “virus”.

Viral marketing transmission, spreads exactly like a flu pandemic; through word of mouth “contact”, to create awareness of a particular product, or service.  The added benefit, is that word of mouth advertising is FREE.

In the internet marketers vocabulary, the word FREE, is probably the most compelling promotional word that can be used, and FREE, is precisely what viral marketing transmission is about.

FREE, is what makes this marketing strategy so unbelievably contagious.

Viral marketing transmission gets a rapid, and high response, without the necessity of spending a lot of money as you do with conventional advertising.

There are several types of viral marketing transmissions that are used.

The pass-along message, like chain letters, encourages users to pass the message, along with the viral marketing promotion, on to others so they can read it.

The incentive for continuing the chain could, be anything from attracting “bad luck”, as a dark example; or “good fortune and riches”, as a good example.  Either example usually creates a contagious viral marketing transmission., or “The Virtual Cootie Catcher”, requires users to email people they have a crush on. The site passes the anonymous email on, and if there is a match, both parties receive an email from the site.

If there is no match, no one ever knows who sent the email.   A viral message can be extremely contagious on sites such as these.

Only your imagination can limit the types of viral marketing transmissions you can use to promote your products or services.

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I don’t get the “virtual cootie cathcher” angle. Email me on it.

Written By Linda on June 18th, 2009 @ 4:15 pm

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