Using Free Web Hosts: Why Search Engines May Ignore You When Using Free Web Hosts!

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on March 20, 2010
Posted Under: Website Usability

One of the greatest disadvantages to using free web hosts, is the fact that the search engines may ignore you.

When you are trying to make money online and attract free traffic to your site; the last thing you need, is to be ignored by the search engines.

Being listed or indexed with the major search engines, is an excellent way to receive free targeted traffic to your website.

There is little evidence that your website can achieve its greatest potential, and get listed with a high ranking on Google or Yahoo, using free web hosts.

Using free web hosts several years ago was not the problem it is now.

Getting your website listed was super easy, regardless of what kind of site you maintained, however with all of the spam techniques that are used on free websites, the search engines have become relatively selective about who they index.

Here are a few reasons why search engines may ignore you when using free web hosts.

  • Relative Importance

Most websites using free web hosts are relatively small, and offer very little useful information about a specific concept or topic.

Smaller websites usually have fewer internal links to their own web pages and generally  link more to external sites.

Google and Yahoo in particular look for websites that have good content, at least 20 pages, and provide useful information on specific themes.

  • Unmaintained Websites

A large percentage of people using free web hosts, abandon their websites within a few weeks of putting them online.  This causes broken links, missing content, and other problems.

When the search engines see sites that are using free web hosts, they may rank them lower, if they rank them at all.

Search engine algorithms are constantly being updated and the engines are getting smarter by the day.

Although I don’t know it for a fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the search engines either totally ignore web sites using free web hosts, or rank them lower than the dot com sites.

Too many people who contact me say that they have problems getting their sites highly ranked by Google or Yahoo, when using free web hosts servers.

Do a Google search for yourself and see how many web sites, if any, show up that are using free web hosts.

  • No Backlinks To Your Website

Many webmasters and highly ranked web directories refrain from linking to websites using free web hosts.

People hesitate to give a back link to poorly developed, unprofessional websites cluttered with banners and pop ups.

They understand that many of these websites, for whatever reason, don’t last long and when the search engines find that no one is linking back to your site, they may ignore it.

Back links to your website are important only if they are from important websites that have a high search engine ranking.

These days, if you hope to achieve a high search engine rank; you need to be careful about who links back to your site.

The fact is that you get very little respect on the Internet and the search engines may ignore you when using free web hosts for your business website.

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