Selecting A Topic For Your Website

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on March 21, 2010
Posted Under: Website Usability

It seems so simple selecting a topic for your website that many people simply skim over this important process.

Selecting a topic for your website is not as easy as you think.  Everyone is looking for the same thing; starting the next FaceBook or YouTube, and making a ton of money online.

Coming up with a neat idea, building a great website, selling it for millions and getting rich,  isn’t quite that easy to do.

If you are looking to make money with your website, as most of us are, I highly recommend a simple approach.

The programming and technical knowledge needed to create and maintain a site like MySpace or FaceBook is vast, and for the average “Joe”, just not feasible.

If you are considering outsourcing the technical stuff, it would cost you thousands of dollars for a programmer, and hundreds of dollars more per month for dedicated hosting space.

A site like FaceBook or MySpace, could never be hosted with a cheap $8 to $15 per month hosting plan plus, there a lot of hidden costs you never realize until you actually start.  For the average “Joe”, to start making money, selecting a topic for your website like FaceBook, wouldn’t be at all practical.

The best approach to selecting a topic for your website in order to make money; is to create websites on topics that interest you, generate traffic to the websites, and make money from affiliate programs like Google’s AdSense, and other ClickBank or Commission Junction affiliates, that sell products related to your topic.

An affiliate site like this much easier to create and maintain, than some huge MySpace or FaceBook like website.

With free programs like Kompozer and FileZilla, you can easily manage the site yourself and save a ton of money.

If you have little to no programming skills, there are sites online like Site Build It, that specialize in helping people earn money, regardless of what topic for your website you select.

With this simple approach, you make money from the Google ads and from other affiliate products that your visitors find interesting.

There are thousands of affiliate programs out there to choose from, and at the end of the month, all you do is deposit the commission check you receive from the sales generated.

When selecting a topic for your website, avoid the “Internet Marketing” and “Make Money Online” topics.

Many newcomers who are getting online training, can’t decide on a topic for their site, so they select what they are learning about.

Unless you have experience with either topic, stay away.  Both topics are extremely hard to break into because millions of people are already there, and the market is saturated.

Google either topic for yourself and look at the millions of sites already there!

It’s always better to start small with a simple site, and when the traffic and money starts rolling in, expanding to something more complex like the FaceBook model.

When selecting a topic for your website, look for a niche that you have some interest in and that is not overly saturated, if you really want to make some money online.

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