Use Video Sites To Capture More Traffic

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 21, 2009
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Don’t be afraid to use video sites to capture more traffic for your website or blog.

Streaming videos, are an undeniably interesting and effective method, of marketing your product, or service, online.

Since the inception of You Tube, and other video sites, internet marketers have learned to use video sites, to capture more traffic, and dramatically increase their bottom lines.

A recent Google study found that You Tube advertisements, generated the “same amount of engagement and intent to purchase” as TV and online advertisements.

Additionally, Google found that they communicate the “brand” better than television advertisements.

It comes to no one’s surprise, that internet marketers began to use video sites to capture more traffic for their websites, blogs, and affiliate promotions.

When you use video sites to capture more traffic, you also need to be especially creative with the types of advertising your use in your videos.

To maximize the impact of videos, it’s important that you make your video content entertaining, engaging, informative, and if at all possible, interactive.

Use video sites for conventional advertising, short presentations, testing, news, prototyping, interviews, documentaries, and most of all, engaging in humor.   Make creative, interesting, fun videos, and include links to your website or blog.   A picture is worth a thousand words for good reason; visuals work!

An important point to remember when you use video sites to capture more traffic, is to keep your videos short, and to the point.

Don’t make a “Ben Hur” video, or you won’t be able to hold the attention of your viewer.  A good video for this purpose, should not be longer than 1 to 2 minutes.

Finally, when you use video sites to capture more traffic for your website, integrate tags into your video, just as you do with your web content.

The concept of adding tags is important in video marketing.   Your video becomes easier to find when tags are integrated into the video;  it becomes more search able.

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