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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 3, 2009
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There are many good reasons to use HubPages for your article marketing, and even earn income as a co-affiliate.

A few reasons to use hubpages for your article marketing are listed below.

1 – Like Ezine articles, you can create and build your reputation as an author.

HubPages are used by and read by a huge number of people.  This allows you exposure, and by networking with other users, you can build a solid reputation for yourself and your business.

2 – You can increase your link popularity.

Your articles lead to inbound links to your website, and also increased link popularity.   The more useful articles that you write, and the more Hubs you create; the more your popularity will increase in your network.  As your network popularity increases, so will your link popularity.
Unlike other article directories, every article you write is a potential website link.

3 – Hubpage articles are an excellent way to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Use Hubpages for your article marketing to provide original content, and useful information about your niche market.  Hubpages are indexed extremely fast, and your article, along with your website link, will be in front of a very large audience very quickly.  Providing you have written a useful article, with fresh original content, your article should be indexed in less than 24 hours.

4 – Earn additional affiliate income.

Hubpages has a revenue sharing program with it’s authors; and if you sign up as an affiliate with
AdSense, Ebay,, and Kontera you will receive a percentage of earnings that are derived from your articles being published.  Many people do surprisingly well with this program.

When you publish an article at HubPages you are ranked on several factors.

1 – The length of your article.
2 – The uniqueness and originality of your article content.
3 – The traffic and traffic scores of your articles.
4 – The amount of thumbs up that your article has received.
5 – Your overall Hub score.

The combination of all these factors, determine your HubPages trust factor, and just how great your reputation will be.

All these factors and more, make it logical to use HubPages for your article marketing.

Learn How To Properly Use Hub Pages, HERE.

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