Increase Your Affiliate Profits Using Product Recommendations

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 2, 2009
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Use product recommendations to increase your affiliate marketing bottom line!

Most affiliate marketers know that using product recommendations,  is one of the more effective product promotion strategies available to them.

If you already have credibility with your customers, they will more likely than not, trust any recommendation made by you.

However, you need to be careful not to over use product recommendations in promoting your products.  You run the possibility of losing credibility with your customers, when you use this approach too often, especially if it sounds like the product recommendation is exaggerated.

If you want to make your product recommendation appear more honest;  don’t be afraid of mentioning things you don’t particularly care about your product or service, that is being offered.
You will find that by occasionally mentioning negatives, and being completely truthful about a product or service, your credibility will increase.

People generally gravitate towards truthfulness, and if they are really interested in what you have to offer, they will be happy to learn about the good points,  as well as the bad points of your product or service.    Just remember to always highlight the benefits of the product you are recommending.

When you are using product recommendations to promote your affiliate product, there are a few things to focus on to make it work effectively, and to your advantage.

You must come across authoritatively as an expert in your niche.

Your prospects are much more likely to purchase from you, when they believe you have expertise in your field.
If you do not come across sounding self assured when endorsing your product, your prospects will pick up on it in a heartbeat, and leave your site to go search for another, more credible, product or service.

You must understand that the resistance to a sale, diminishes in direct proportion to the amount of trust the customer has with you.

Use product recommendations, and offer unique solutions that your prospect can’t get anywhere else, to establish your credibility as an expert in their minds.

Offer testimonials proving that the affiliate product  you are promoting works as promised.    Get testimonials from respected individuals, and personalities in related fields, that corroborate your product recommendation.

When using product recommendations; be confident, be low key, and most of all, avoid over hyping the affiliate product just to get attention.

Affiliate marketers know that by properly using product recommendations, their bottom line sales and profits  will increase.

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