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Twitter: How To Get New Twitter Followers

Twitter: How To Get New Twitter Followers

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 4, 2010
Posted Under: Twitter

When you first join Twitter and are given your own URL; the next thing on the agenda, is to learn how to get new Twitter followers to take notice of your Tweets.

twitter-9When you look at the top Twitter users, (based on the number of people they have following them); most of them are already popular personalities or prominent figures, or have television shows, radio spots, or popular websites online.

In short, they have a preexisting, “built in” Twitter following.

In order to get new Twitter followers to read your Tweets; and if you already have an online presence, just start notifying your current readers about your URL.

Since your Twitter URL is unique to you; you can promote it like you would your own website or blog.  Use exactly the same tactics.

Write a blog post about your Twitter profile, email your list, include the URL in all your email correspondence, place it in your forum signatures, and most importantly; place a link to your Twitter profile on StumbleUpon, Digg, Mixx, and all your other social media profiles.

But how are you to get new Twitter followers if you don’t already have an existing presence online?

There are several things you can do to build a following if you have no website or blog.

One of the easiest ways to get new Twitter followers, is to just start following other people who have interests similar to yours.  These people will be more receptive to your website when you create one.

Most Twitter users will follow anybody who follows them.  However, you should not be trying to “friend” everybody on the Twitter site.

The purpose of Twitter, is to develop friends that have similar interests to yours and that can eventually be converted to customers.

    Build a community of followers who will follow anyone, and you have a worthless group of followers.
  • To get new Twitter followers, try using Twitter’s search feature.

When you query your keywords; the search engine goes through information people furnish on their profile page and returns any user profiles that match your keyword.

  • Twellow is the first Twitter directory where you can find other people on Twitter, with like minded interests.

Twellow is a great tool to get new Twitter followers.

  • You can also easily find hundreds of Twitter users with similar interests, by using Twitter Packs.

Twitter Packs is a community generated directory, organized by geographical area or topic of interest, where you can find like minded Twitter users.  You can add your own profile to the directory where appropriate.  There’s also an Autopack tool you can use, based on Twitter Packs, that lets you follow or unfollow multiple users.

  • To get new Twitter followers quickly, try using Twubble.

When you visit the site and click “find some friends”, you’ll automatically get a list of potential friends ranked by how many friends are following them. Twubble uses your social graph to get new Twitter followers you might be interested in.

  • You can also promote your Twitter RSS feed.

Your updates are available as an RSS feed, that you can find by going to the bottom of your profile page.  The RSS button is located directly below your updates in the bottom left.

You can submit the Twitter RSS feed to all of the RSS directories, and use it to create your own widget.  It can be used with Blogger, WordPress, Facebook, MySpace, iGoogle, and many others.

Just enter the URL of your RSS feed here:

Now you know how to get new Twitter followers to read your Tweets.

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