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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on October 9, 2011
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warcraft_twitter_icon__mage_by_discopriest-d3rni3jIf you’re interested in driving more traffic to your business website or increasing the readership of your latest articles, start Tweeting for traffic.

Most Internet marketers will tell you that Twitter is mainly used to generate traffic.

What they don’t tell you is how to do it effectively.

Twitter, and other similar sites have a viral nature built into them.  Twitter in particular, can tremendously increase the amount of web traffic your website or blog receives just by tweeting your site’s URL.

When you build up a decent following of “friends”; all you need to do to increase the readership of your article is to Tweet your friends and ask them to Tweet about your article.

Twitter is a great place to connect with other like-minded people who share an interest in your business or market niche.

You can develop strong relationships with other business owners and people whom you might otherwise have never met, just by tweeting.

Tweeting on twitter puts a face on companies, bloggers and website owners.

Twitter is loaded with smart people.   If you get hang around the site for a while and read enough Tweets,  it’s eventually bound to rub off on you.

Here are some tips on how to drive traffic with Twitter

  • Optimize your Twitter profile.

When you sign up for your Twitter account, make sure that in addition to the information you provide when signing up, that you create a custom background image.

Your custom background allows you to integrate an image into your profile in the upper left corner.

Your contact information, business details and website URL should be incorporated into the image.  If you signed up for a business account, do the same with it.

  • Give your Twitter account a professional look.

Use your business brand, business logo and color scheme in your custom Twitter background.

You can use both your business and personal accounts to boost web traffic but make sure only highly relevant Tweets to your business are made with your business account.  Personal Tweets belong to your personal profile.

While it’s okay to tweet about personal things in your personal account, it’s better to share something meaningful when you Tweet.

  • Credibility is important when Tweeting for traffic.

Being credible on Twitter isn’t just about having a ton of random followers, it’s about attracting dedicated followers.

This can only be accomplished by Tweeting helpful, useful, interesting information to your followers.

Tweeting can gain an insight into a business owner’s personality, their likes and their dislikes.   This information can be extremely beneficial in building your credibility and strong business relationships.

Don’t destroy your credibility and start promoting your website until you have a sizable number of interested followers.

Be yourself and when you think you’ve got enough followers to bring a reasonable amount of traffic to your business’ website, then start promoting.

People who promote their sites right out of the box often get labeled as a spammer.

  • Make frequent Tweets

If you have a business blog, tweet about every new blog posts or about your personal take on an article.

Share your personal opinion with your followers and encourage your followers to do the same through mentions and personal replies.

  • Link your sites for maximum exposure.

Encourage your Twitter followers to share your insights on Facebook, YouTube and any other social networking sites you frequent.

Share your links with your followers and let them know you’re ready to do business with anyone at any time.

When you’re Tweeting for traffic, you can also find out who’s twittering about you, your company and your website, by signing up for a free service called TweetBeep.

Tweet Beep will send you an email alert, updated hourly, whenever someone mentions your name, your website, your company product, or anything else.  Tweet Beep even tracks who is Tweeting your website or blog for you.

It’s a great way to monitor and measure your business blog or business website’s “buzz factor”.

Tweeting for traffic will redirect a tremendous amount of traffic to your business website when you implement these suggestions.

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