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blogwarnaLearning how often to post to your blog is a variable that comes with experience.

Until a new blog has been indexed and has a considerable amount of good usable content, it’s probably a good idea to post at least once a day.  Many bloggers post up to ten times a day when first starting out.

From that point on, you should post only when you have something to say that will be of interest to your readers.

Too many blogs online simply mirror other blogs in the same market niche and incessantly repeat what others have already written about.

My dad always said, “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it.”

This advise can be used by bloggers to effectively build their readership and improve their standing in the blogosphere.

Many so called gurus tell you that “you don’t have to be perfect” and to “just put something up there”.

While this is an accepted strategy for getting the search engines interested in your site, it’s not really a great strategy for attracting and increasing a targeted readership.

Don’t publish a post unless it’s really good and then make it short, sweet and to the point.  Although multiple blog posts will get you more traffic, they can also lose you readers.

Bloggers who love writing and sharing information with their readers usually produce effective blogs that stand the test of time.

Here are some variables you should take under advisement when considering how often to post to your blog.

How long are your blog posts?

The length of your blog posts will often dictate the frequency of your posts.  More short blog posts can be written in the same amount of time that it takes to write one long post.

Since most of the top bloggers write shorter, more easily digestible posts than the average blogger, it stands to reason that short posts should be the order of the day.

However, how often to post to your blog does not necessarily mean that you need to make all your posts short.

The downside to making short blog posts is that your followers will spend less time reading them.  This means they will spend less time on your blog.

Making worthwhile medium to long blog posts on your site that provide useful, interesting information, is probably the better path to follow.

Writer burnout also affects how often to post to your blog.

Bloggers who consistently provide relevant top quality content in their blog posts will eventually suffer from “writer burnout”.

Unless you have a staff of writers coming up with new material for your blog, everyone will experience writer burnout at some time or another.

The quality of your writing and how often to post to your blog is obviously affected by writer burnout.

Reader burnout also affects how often to post to your blog.

Writing too many short posts in a relatively short period of time can leave even the most loyal of your followers in a burned out state.

Too many posts can cause readers to “turn off” from your blog.

It’s like getting tons of emails in your inbox on a daily basis.

After a time, you learn to just scan the subject line in order to keep up with the volume.   Then, after a while, you become so overwhelmed that you just “opt out”.

If your followers can’t keep up with the volume of posts you make to your site, especially with RSS feeds, it could cause readers to unsubscribe from your blog.

Strive to keep a happy medium between the volume and length of your posts.

Remember that the Search Engine spiders don’t really qualify the quality of a blog posting.  They simply come when a blog is posted to and include the information in their algorithms.

Frequent posts will generally create more traffic, usually via RSS, to your blog.

Find your blogging rhythm and be consistent.

Most readers don’t respond positively to a monotonous writing tone.  They will respond to how well your write and how often you post.

People do not like change.

Most people have a rhythm in their lives and will not vary from it to any great degree.

They lead their lives in tune with this rhythm and will read your blog posts when it is convenient and fits into their time frame.

This is why you should maintain a steady flow of content once you start.

If you blog once a day or once a week, maintain the pace.

Your followers will not respond well if you start blogging three or four times a day when you had been blogging once or twice a week.

Stick to a schedule if possible to maintain a steady flow of useful information.  There is no “one size fits all” answer when learning how often to post to your blog.

The type of visitors you attract to your blog is dictated by the topic of your blog.

Most technical information junkies like frequent postings of fresh new information.

A blog catering to technical information will usually have more initial traffic generated from the search engines on that particular topic.

In this case, how often to post to your blog is not a critical factor.

A high volume of short posts can actually be beneficial in creating more landing pages for your search engine traffic.

Blogging Styles

The topic of a blog usually dictates the blogging style to be used.

Technical blogs that cover a wide variety of topics require a high volume of posts in order to cover all the material.

These tech savvy readers are able to consume large amounts of technical information, expect and readily anticipate the high volumes of shorter posts that are required to cover the subject.

On a fishing blog that has a more focused topic, a large volume of posts would be unnecessary and impossible to maintain without becoming monotonous.

There is just so much that can be written in any given day about  fishing.

How often to post to your blog also depends on reader participation.

When too many posts are made to a blog, readers have a tendency to “burn out”.

However as blog traffic diminishes, reader participation in the form of comments often goes up.

Depending on the topic, comments often become more productive and interactive when posts are made less frequently.

This could be because of the amount of time the post is visible on the front page of the blog or because people just can’t keep up with or follow many different threads of conversation at one time.

Regardless of the reason, when you write too many posts on too many topics, people will start to disengage.

Make enough posts to your blog to stimulate reader participation without harming the amount of web traffic you are receiving.

Learning how often to post to your blog requires common sense and is an important variable that comes with experience.

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