Tips To Success With Google Adwords

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on November 1, 2009
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Each and every year, more companies use, and achieve sucess with Google Adwords campaigns in their Internet advertiseing.

Adword campaigns are an easy, effective way, to market a company’s products and services, at a reasonable cost.

Success with Google Adwords
depends on where and how your campaign is targeted.    Better results are realized google-99when campaigns are geared towards keyword density, instead of targeting a specific market.

With conventional broadcast advertising, you need to get creative, finding ways to saturate your target market.

With Adwords campaigns, the medium (the Internet) is hitting your audience right at the “sweet spot”; by clicking on a link to your website, when keywords are typed into the search engine.

Having success with Google Adwords, because of the increased popularity of Adword campaigns; has now become dependent on bidding for the top keyword positions, and attaining the “Top Spot”, so to speak.

Achieving success with Google Adwords, is to emerge at the end of the fierce keyword competition, on the first page, and preferably, in the first three positions of the results page.

A straight forward and highly effective Adword campaign will get you to the top of the pile if you follow a few guidelines.

Here are a few tips to success with Google Adwords that you might want to pay attention to.

  • Create an effective Google Adwords campaign by using the tools they provide.

Google makes money from you, weather your campaign is successful or not.

Once a surfer clicks on one of your sponsored links, Google gets paid by you, regardless of the outcome.

However, they provide tools for the best possible campaign outcome, if you choose to use them to your advantage.

  • If you’re an advertiser, and plan on success with Google’s Adwords; study their guidelines and take advantage of the tracking tools they provide to determine which keywords get the most clicks.

This information allows you to change course, mid stream, when you find keywords more productive and applicable to your target market.

  • Use Google’s tools to focus on your audience.


Make sure when you set up an account in Google Adwords, that you select the language and locations you can effectively operate in.

It may not sound important, but you can rack up some excessive advertising costs, when you advertise in a country where you can’t conduct your business.

Remember, you’re still paying for the click.

If your clients, or satellite offices, actually operate in another country, choose the languages used in that country.  This is one Google feature, that allows you to “home in” on your audience.

  • Use extreme care in creating your Ad

Success with Google Adwords, not only depends on your creating a killer advertisement; but also your having a website or landing page, designed to convince people to buy what you are offering.

Make your Adwords ad informative, attention grabbing, keyword rich, and brief.

The sole purpose of the ad, is to generate visitors to your website, at the lowest cost possible.

If you detemine that you have a great number of Google Adsense generated hits, but lack a reasonable percentage of sales; you might want to consider tweaking your website to increase your conversion ratio.

  • Take Time To Choose The Most Effective Keywords

Finding the “right” keyword is the most difficult and complex part of the Adword campaign.

DO THIS RIGHT! Take advantage of Google’s tools, word tracker tools, and any other resource to select the most productive keywords.

It’s helpful to think like a visitor would, if they were searching for your product on the Internet.

Use common terms, misspellings, and other long tail keywords not commonly searched for, that are still appropriate.

Check you keywords and juggle them to test for the best returns.  Testing is important; do it often.

These tips to success with Google Adwords will get you more “bang for the buck” with your campaigns and yield you more profit for your business.

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