Three Most Overlooked Elements Necessary For A Top Website

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on September 17, 2009
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The importance of the three most overlooked elements necessary for a top website, cannot be overemphasized, and are briefly discussed here for your edification.

  • Creating A Solid About Page

When a visitor lands on your website, they will normally visit your “About Page” to get a feel about who they are dealing with.

Most visitors want to know something about the individual behind the website.

One of the most overlooked elements necessary for a top website is the creation of a killer “about page.”

This is where you can make an impression on your readers, and get an extra bump from the search engine robots.

A well written about page, will impress your readers and get them back to your website.  Here is where you introduce yourself to your audience and show them your credentials.

A good about page should include your qualifications, background experience, reason you created the website, and expertise in your field.

The about page is where you can form a bond with your reader and let them know that the website actually has a real human face behind it.

People generally dislike dealing with faceless, automatically generated, virtual websites

  • Providing Contact Information Is Another Overlooked Element Necessary For A Top Website.

It is extremely important for your business website to provide contact information.

Your visitors must have some way of contacting you for additional information when they need it; either by email, snail mail, telephone, or a contact form.

When you present contact information on your website, it proves to your visitors, that your site is authentic.

Creating a short contact page with your name, phone number or email, and address, is sufficient for visitors to be assured of your authenticity.

One thing is definite, if you have detailed contact information on your site, and you competitor does not; it’s more likely that visitors will do business on your site.

  • Of the three most overlooked elements necessary for a top website, providing a search feature could be the most important.

Websites without search features integrated into the site, tend to frustrate visitors, causing them to eventually leave the site.

Frustrated visitors, turn into angry visitors, and neither do your business any good.

Finding specific items and topics on your website is easier accomplished by providing a search box.

Your visitors will find your products, services, or web elements quickly and easily, and your business will benefit from it.

There are several websites that will assist you with the installation of a Google type search feature on your website.  Just do a quick Google search to find them.

One this is for sure, if you choose to neglect this most overlooked element necessary for a top website, your competition will likely NOT!

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